How You Can Eat For Free At Restaurants

Enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant can take a good chunk of money out of your pocket. The beauty that comes along with eating out of your home, includes you not having to deal with the dishes afterwards and of course you get to enjoy your favourite meal cooked by a professional. The bill that you have to pay still makes things a little less exciting though. We would all like to enjoy a nice meal without having to deal with the expenses it brings along.

Ever wondered how to bag yourself a free meal? That is exactly why I’ve collaborated with to bring you these tips that can help you enjoy your favourite food on a restaurant for a beautiful price of FREE.


Mystery Shopping
You can become a mystery shopper who reviews nearby restaurants and bars for their food quality and service, while enjoying what these outlets offer at no expense to yourself. Many experienced mystery shoppers even get paid for their reviews. You can look for a mystery shopping opportunity at Gapbuster or MarketForce. There’s also a chance you could end up reviewing famous names like McDonalds, Strada, Pizza Hut, Nandos, Zizzi and many others. You can check if the company you’re looking to work for is registered with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association at their website.

Social Media Promotions
You can ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ your favourite food chains and brands on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep an eye on various discount offers and promotional deals. You would only need to open a free account on one of these social media websites to get started. You can add your favourite food brands page as ‘See First’ so their posts stay at the top of your news feed, which means you won’t miss any news, updates or offers. Websites such as are a great tool for keeping an eye on such things like free meals and free food offers.

Kids Eat Free Offers
Many food chains and restaurants attract parents by offering free meals for their kids along with the ordered food for adults. Such offers are usually available at the weekends when there is generally more competition between various food outlets because of people looking for places to eat out.

Enjoy Free Birthday Meals
Many restaurants offer a free meal and in some cases, a birthday cake on their regulars’ birthday. You just have to prove that it’s your birthday to claim the free meal or birthday cake. You may be asked for your ID for proof because otherwise a lot of people would start taking advantage of offers like this, by celebrating their birthdays every other week. I’ve took advantage of an offer like this on my birthday in the past as a restaurant used to send me a voucher every year on my birthday.

Restaurant Tastings
Free tastings are sometimes organised when a new restaurant or bar is opened in your area. You can use Twitter to look out for events such as these your surroundings, by using the search function for words such as ‘food tasting’ ‘free tasting’ or ‘wine tasting’. You can also filter all the search results by clicking on ‘near you’ to narrow it down to your own location.

Attend Local Events e.g. Food Festivals
You wouldn’t find such offers coming from restaurants but you can look out for any local events and gatherings that offer free food, food tastings, etc. Many networking seminars and lectures also offer free wine to attendees.


Will you be trying out any of these tips? Have you tried any of them before? Let me know in the comments!


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The Pros & Cons Of Vaping


Today I have what could be considered as quite a controversial post for you guys. Vaping has recently gained huge popularity and as a non-smoker I find it intriguing, as it is seen as an alternative to regular smoking by many.

This post contains collaborated content and this post purely contains my own opinions as a non-smoker. The electronic cigarette won’t cure a smoker’s addiction to nicotine. I am in no way medically trained and you should always consult your GP first.

As a non-smoker, when I saw an e-cig for the first time I was confused and wondered how this odd looking device worked. If you’re not familiar with e-cigs, it’s a device called an electronic cigarette that vaporises a liquid.

This blog post includes my views on the pros and cons of vaping – I am not stating them as fact, just my own opinions.



I’m intolerant to cigarette smoke and it makes me feel really unwell if I’m around a lot of smoke. I don’t actually mind being around someone who is using an e-cig, due to it not making me feel unwell.

When ever anyone smokes around me, I dislike the smell. It’s easier for me to be around those of my family and friends who vape due to the fact there is no bad smell. This leads me onto my next point nicely…

There is such a wide variety of flavours to choose from. You can buy which ever flavour it is you fancy. Different flavours can be bought online and in your city, from companies who sell e-cig products such as Vapelux Vaping Kits.



Unfortunately, there is a lack of government regulation and some people assume vaping is a safe alternative to smoking. The truth is that both smoking and e-cigs can cause harm to your health, possibly in different ways.

Smoking an e-cig can cause side effects (as can smoking regular cigarettes). These can vary, so always be careful and speak with a medical professional if you experience any side effects.


This is such an interesting yet controversial topic and e-cigs have really grown in popularity over recent years. However, if you ever experience any side effects or have any concerns in regards to smoking or e-cigs, be sure to consult your GP.

I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences – let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Vapelux. All thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own. Always seek advice from a medical professional. This information is not intended/implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


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Octer – Mobile Online Shopping Made Simple

Enjoy shopping? I do! Shopping on-the-go via our mobile phone has changed our lives. However, on mobile, it can be hard for shoppers to compare brands and prices which can be frustrating. It can also be hard for retailers who sometimes struggle to break into the online marketplace.

I was recently contacted by Octer, who asked me if I would like to collaborate. The lovely team at Octer gave me £50, all to spend on the Octer app and try out the experience for myself.


Introducing Octer

Octer is a mobile-based shopping app, where users can search for and compare products from the biggest UK stores. Octer offers a variety of products including fashion, beauty, technology, gifts and so much more.

I found the experience of using Octer to be simple, easy and fast. Each product opens up in a new window, so you don’t have to spend ages scrolling back to find other products. This speeds up the shopping process.

Octer creates a unique and full shopping experience, without the stress and crowded shopping experience.


“Louise, what did you decide to buy?” I hear you ask!

I’m so picky with perfumes, I only really like sweet scents. As soon as I began browsing Octer, I spotted DKNY Be Delicious for a very affordable price in the sale. This arrived as a wonderful gift set, which includes the perfume and Be Delicious body lotion. A relative bought me this perfume years back, but I haven’t had the chance to purchase it again until this opportunity.

I decided to also purchase a beauty product, realising I needed a new lipstick (hey! us girls can never have too much makeup) I opted for Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick. To save money on delivery, I chose for this to be delivered for free to my local Boots store – which I think is a really useful option.

The final product I bought is a gift for someone very close to me. For obvious reasons, I don’t want to disclose what this was but it’s a wonderful gift. It arrived in perfect condition and is from this persons favourite brand. I’m hoping they will love it!

I could honestly spend hours on Octer, browsing and shopping. I’m very impressed with how easy Octer is to use, with everything in one place for a shopper, making the experience much less frustrating. If you fancy trying Octer for yourself, head to the Octer website or search ‘Octer’ on the app store on your mobile phone.

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Octer, who gave me £50 to spend via the Octer app in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are genuinely my own.


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Review: Weight Watchers Delicious Iced Desserts

With summer on it’s way, ice cream is something that I crave regularly. Those of you who read my blog will know I lost the majority of my weight by following Weight Watchers. When I was contacted asking if I’d like to review Weight Watchers desserts, I was more than happy to give them a try.



The first thing I noted about Weight Watchers iced desserts is that they are really affordable and there is quite a lot of variety available in the Weight Watchers desserts range now.


Chocolate & Toffee Mini Pot Swirls

I’d never tried these before and was looking forward to it. They come in a pack of four, with two different flavours, chocolate or toffee. The mini pot swirls are perfect for me because I prefer chocolate flavoured desserts and my mum prefers toffee. These are delicious and creamy, of good portion size and really taste so good.




Strawberry & Vanilla Whirls

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love these. These contain strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream and a strawberry sauce, all for just 74 calories. The portion size of the Strawberry & Vanilla Whirls are perfect for me, as I don’t like huge desserts.




Toffee & Vanilla Whirls

At 75 calories, the Toffee and Vanilla whirls are a lovely sweet treat. The texture is quite light, with a toffee sauce to tingle your taste-buds. Again, I was impressed with the portion size.


Whether or not you follow Weight Watchers, the Weight Watchers frozen desserts range is ideal for someone watching their weight, who likes an occasional sweet treat. Overall, I’m so impressed and each of the desserts I tried are genuinely delicious. I’d happily purchase products from the desserts range in future.

You can pick up these desserts in the following shops:

Mini Pot Swirls – ASDA
Strawberry Whirls/Toffee Whirls – Iceland

Have you tried Weight Watchers iced desserts before? If so, let me know what you think in the comments.

Disclaimer: I was sent vouchers for Weight Watchers desserts in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are genuinely my own.


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5 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets


Cooking and baking can be quite stressful, but there are tools, appliances and gadgets available to help with this. Sometimes gadgets for the kitchen just help to make things a little easier.

This post contains collaborated content.

Some of these are relatively affordable and others are a little more on the expensive side, but I wanted to share my favourite kitchen gadgets, ranging from soup makers to egg poaching pans.


George Foreman Grill

When I was a student, my grill was so useful. I depended on it so much during my time at University. I used to make my own burgers, plus my grill was perfect for cooking steak. These can sometimes be tricky to clean but it’s worth it. Using a grill is a much healthier way to cook and they are available in a variety of sizes. I bought a small one for £14 because I only had to cook for myself.



The NutriBullet is one of my favourite kitchen gadgets, ever. It’s so simple and easy to use. The blades are also very powerful which ensures everything is blended and diced properly. There are so many smoothie recipes etc online. My personal favourite is selecting my favourite fruit and vegetables, adding in some frozen banana and then mixing it. This creates a thick texture, it’s like ice cream!


Bread Maker

You can do surprisingly a lot with a bread maker. They take the stress out of making bread and can sometimes work out cheaper than buying a loaf of bread from a shop. Bread makers are so useful and there is a wide variety available, such as these Panasonic Bread Makers.


Egg Poaching Pan

Poaching eggs can be tricky, but these are amazing for making the perfect poached eggs. Egg poaching pans are affordable, easy to use and very simple to clean.


Soup Maker

Soup Makers are great because you just put all the ingredients in, set the timer and leave it to do it’s thing. Even if you have a busy day, a soup maker is perfect as it does everything for you.


Do you own any of these I’ve mentioned? Do you have any other favourites? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This post contains collaborated content with Panasonic. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are genuinely my own.


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Lush York Bloggers Event – Fathers Day – Even Dads Need Some Down Time

In May I was invited along to Lush York for a pamper evening to sample the new range of Fathers Day products and gifts. 2016 is the first year where Lush have released products for Fathers Day, which is awesome. Lush are well known for their Mothers Day products each year so it’s nice to see a range to celebrate the father figure in our lives.


As we arrived there was a selection of nibbles and drinks available relating to Fathers Day. The lovely team at Lush York then offered to give each of us a hand massage with a massage bar of our choice. Oh my god, it was so relaxing and my skin felt amazingly soft afterwards.


The Fathers Day range involves an array of warm, woody and zesty citrus based products, which are perfect for anyone as the scents aren’t too feminine (I hate using that word, but some people don’t like products which are feminine). One of the products which most impressed me from the range is the Lush Men gift set. Just look at how beautiful the product packaging is below and all the amazing items which come inside.


Before this event I’d never heard of sandalwood before, but it smells so nice and features in a lot of popular Lush products. I love that it features so heavily in the Fathers Day range.


Even if your old man isn’t much of a bath person, there are plenty of other options for him to enjoy. For example, the Thanks Dad soap is adorable and smells amazing. Another item which I’m completely obsessed with is the shampoo bars, especially the Smuggler’s Soul shampoo bar. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and smells wonderful.


I had such a wonderful evening sampling the Fathers Day range, so I would just like to say a huge thank you to the staff at Lush York for putting on such a lovely event and for providing us with such an amazing blogger goodie bag.


Head down to Lush York (or your local Lush store) and check out the Fathers Day range for yourself. Treat the father figure in your life to some wonderful Lush gifts as a thank you. I love this range, it’s so unique and fun. All of the products smell amazing.


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Disclaimer: I was invited by LUSH PR to attend the Fathers Day Lush York event. I was given a bloggers goodie bag of products to try. All opinions, thoughts and photographs are genuinely my own.

Bloggers In Amsterdam – Food

The first time I went to Amsterdam, I was amazed by all the awesome food. Slowly but surely I’ve been managing to find the time to write about the different parts of our bloggers trip to Amsterdam.

The first food related thing I should mention about our trip in regards to food, we all love bread. In one particular restaurant the waitress gave each of us a really odd look because we each ordered a bread basket to ourselves.


After we’d dropped our bags at the hotel we ventured into the city and found a restaurant which served such nice pizza. It was the perfect way to start our trip. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the restaurant was called, but it was on some back street.



During our travels walking around Amsterdam, we found the cutest little Macaron shop. It was in what I’d call a posh area of Amsterdam, apparently this is the area where some of the dutch celebrities hang out?!




Halfway through our Amsterdam trip, we all decided we were really craving tapas. We did some google searches and found a tapas restaurant which was on the tram route between our hotel and our destination for the evening.



The Pantry

After reading such good reviews about this restaurant online, we managed to find The Pantry on our last day in Amsterdam before our flight back to Manchester. Of course, we opted for bread in a basket again. I had sea bass for main which was lovely.


Rancho Argentinian Grill VI

This restaurant though… If I ever return to Amsterdam again, I am making sure I go back here. The food was so good, seriously. The food was really well presented and I opted for salmon which was so delicious.


Each day of our trip was so packed with things to do, so we aimed to have a bit of variety for our meals but also something each person actually wanted to eat.

There we have it, that’s pretty much a full summary of everything I ate during my Amsterdam trip. I bet you’re hungry now! I know I am.

If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy the blog post: Door 74 – Amsterdam.


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