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I was recently invited to attend a 3 day yoga retreat at Deighton Lodge, which is located in Deighton (just on the outskirts of York – between York and Selby) which took place over a whole weekend, Friday to Sunday. Deighton Lodge is a beautifully restored rustic barn and farm house, which can also be hired as a wedding venue, owned by Carla Mitchell and her husband. All food served throughout the yoga retreat is either vegetarian or vegan. Bare with me, as I took a lot of photos over the duration of the yoga retreat, so this review is very photo heavy but I promise, they are worth it to see how wonderful the whole retreat weekend was.

I used to attend yoga classes/practice yoga often a few years ago but life got in the way. I’m trying to look after myself more, especially mentally, so figured attending the 3 day yoga retreat would be the perfect opportunity for me to fall back in love with yoga again and practice some self care.



Day 1 – Arrival, Checking in and Yoga Classes

Deighton Lodge is very easy to find, located just off the A19. As I live in York, I got a bus to the location, but others who were travelling further arrived via taxi and said it was very straight forward. I was the last to arrive, but I was shown to my beautiful room which also had a walk-in shower (amazing!). We were greeted with Welcome Tea/Coffees and Healthy Nibbles, which included an incredible chocolate, walnut and banana bread.



I popped my bags in my room and by this point, it was time to head straight to the first yoga workshop of the day. This session was the Vinyasa Yoga Workshop, run by Debbie of The Health & Events Company. All yoga sessions were located in the stunning barn, which had a beautiful aroma from the essential oils. Debbie introduced herself, explained a little about her job as an instructor and co-owning The Health & Events Company with her business partner, Lucy. Debbie explained that the theme of the weekend was all about self care, which is absolutely 100% my kind of thing. She also explained that it didn’t matter what your ability was, to give each pose a try and to remember not to push yourself too far. As I have a bad shoulder, there were some poses in which Debbie helped me to do alternative positions to ease my shoulder slightly.



Before we knew it, the class was over and it was time for lunch. As I have food intolerances, Carla was incredibly understanding and tailored to my requirements. The lunch menu included soup, salad, warm bread and pizza. Afterwards, we were also treated to yummy homemade cakes for dessert from a local vegan baker. We were then given an hour or so to relax and unwind, where ever we wanted. I decided to have a sit down with a cup of tea in the lounge.


The second workshop was my favourite of the day, Restorative Yoga and Guided Meditation. I felt so incredibly relaxed after this workshop. As the barn was getting quite cold due to it being later in the day, we relocated to a cosy room next to the lounge. In this session, props and blankets were used to really help us get comfortable and be able to hold the poses for some time. I felt so relaxed and calm after this session. Next, it was time for our evening meal, which consisted of homemade vegan/vegetarian food made by Carla. The menu included curries served with rice and warm pitta bread. Fresh bowls of fruit and a choice of flavoured ice cream followed shortly, for our dessert.


After our meal, we all relaxed in the beautiful Deighton Lodge. The massage treatments were done over Friday and Saturday – mine took place on Friday evening. It was a Full Body Massage which was an hour long, done by a lovely lady called Rani. I have a lot of issues with my shoulders and back, so although this hurt me, it’s benefited me in the long run. Rani is the director of Vasuki Ayurveda Health & Beauty, she is so friendly and made me feel at ease. The warm oils which Rani used on me for the massage were beautiful and the massage was a great way to end my first day.



Day 2 – A Morning Workout, Pilates Workshops and Natural Face Masks

A morning workout took place in the early AM, but my hair had the oil from the massage in it so I desperately needed to shower instead. On a morning, breakfast included this beautiful spread with homemade granolas, baked goods and a cooked breakfast.



During mid-morning, I took the opportunity to walk around the stunning grounds, taking photos and soaking in some of the warm sunshine. I can see how Deighton Lodge and it’s grounds are so popular for weddings throughout summer, as it was breath-taking to look at.



On the Saturday, Lucy ran the yoga workshops which took place inside the stunning converted barn. The session was more focused on working “our core” but I felt really energised and fresh afterwards. Lucy was passionate and attentive throughout the workshops.





We had a little bit of spare time so Sue, Fiona and I decided to hop in the hot tub for a bit. It was super relaxing, lovely and warm. Before we knew it, it was time for an essential oils talk from a representative for Young Living. I enjoyed smelling all the different essential oils. I definitely have some favourites with regards to essential oils such as lavender or peppermint.



After some more relaxation, it was time to eat. Dinner included pasta, a vegetable bolognaise and a homemade garlic bread – which was absolutely delicious by the way! I need that recipe for sure. The rest of the group were sent for their massages throughout the duration of the evening.



Dessert on the Saturday evening was an avocado chocolate mousse, which I was so impressed with. I’ve been curious about how to make these before but Debbie explained they are super easy to make. I’m definitely going to give these a try at home.

Whilst the other members of the group were having their massages, we made homemade facemasks using natural products which was loads of fun and such a laugh. The facemasks included products which you can just find in your cupboards and fridge, such as yogurt, avocado and a little bit of honey. After the facemask started to set, I headed to my room to wash it off and my skin felt so soft. I was surprised with just how soft it made my skin feel!



Day 3 – Yoga, Relaxation and Departure

As it was Remembrance Sunday, after breakfast we all gathered on the sofas in the lounge area to watch/take part in the two minute silence. Afterwards, Debbie came through with some avocado smoothie shots, before we headed off to our yoga workshop. They were smooth and tasted so fresh, I’d love to make those at home myself. They were the perfect refreshment before our yoga session.



In the yoga workshop, the group had a practice of different poses and the session finished with everyone attempting a headstand, using the wall as support. Everyone did so well in each workshop and it didn’t matter that we all had different ability levels.



Each meal throughout the weekend included fresh ingredients and was homemade by Carla. Carla did such an incredible job of catering to me odd food intolerances, I was so thankful that she was so understanding. My one suggestion would be for there to be a slight variety of sauces for the mains, as each meal was tomato based (or spice based if you like/can eat spices).

I was getting picked up a bit earlier than everyone else, so as everyone finished their lunches it was my time to leave. Sadly, I didn’t get to try one of these mouth watering apple and caramel slices, but they looked so tasty.



I would like to say a huge thank you to Carla, Debbie and Lucy for inviting me to review the yoga retreat. I have had the most amazing and relaxing weekend, with such wonderful company and fabulous hospitality. I feel so grateful and thankful for being given such a wonderful opportunity to attend the yoga retreat. Even though we weren’t that far from the city of York, it felt like we were isolated in the peace and quiet, with stunning surroundings and the entire weekend was very relaxing. I would highly recommend the yoga retreats at Deighton Lodge. As well as 3 Day Yoga Retreats, they also run Zen Days if you just want to commit to the one day instead of all weekend. Check out the below websites for more information about the zen day, weekend yoga retreats and for pricing information.


You could begin 2019 in this way! If you are interested in booking for 2019, please see the details below:

The Health and Events Company

Debbie & Lucy


Deighton Lodge

Carla Mitchell / Deighton Lodge Yoga Retreats & Zen Days

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