Yankee Candle 2016 Halloween Edition: Forbidden Apple

During a visit to my nearest Yankee Candle store, I spotted a Halloween scent called Forbidden Apple which is new for 2016 and Limited Edition. Halloween is my favourite time of year for Yankee Candle, other than Christmas of course.


I noticed that the Halloween candles, Candy Corn and Witches’ Brew, have been re-released this year with new designs on the jar. The wax for all of the Halloween collection consists of vibrant colours and strong, but unique scents.

I absolutely love the new appearance on the Halloween jars. The new design really stands out and it’s perfect for Halloween. The wax is a beautiful green colour, with a texture that looks like you are looking inside a bubbling cauldron.


The scent consists of delicious and fresh crisp apples, with a hint of spice and vanilla notes. Upon burning, the apple smell filled my whole room. I actually love the Forbidden Apple scent. When I first read reviews of this, many people have complained about the smell not being strong enough. Perhaps Yankee Candle may amp it up next year, after the feedback from fans about Forbidden Apple. If you like the smell of Granny Smith by Yankee Candle, then I’m sure you will be a Forbidden Apple fan, as they are both from the same family.

If you get the opportunity to check out the Halloween Yankee Candle collection, especially Forbidden Apple, then please do! If you love all things Halloween (like I do!), you will love the decor of this years Halloween jars by Yankee Candle. Remember though, as Halloween draws closer, this may be harder to find in stores, as it is new for 2016.

Happy Halloween! Have you tried Forbidden Apple, or any of the other Halloween scents by Yankee Candle? Let me know in the comments.


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