Winter Heating Checks Local Plumbers Can Do

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Finally, the winter days are here with us. This means having to deal with extremely cold weather conditions during the day and night for quite some time. Even if you live in an area considered to have a warm climate, during the winter, the temperatures can still go as low as -10 degrees and what can this do to your plumbing system? Frozen pipes maybe, sometimes they also burst or just crack.


This is why it is very important to always be prepared for such conditions earlier so that you don’t get surprised when the winter is finally over and you have a lot of repairs to do. If you are living in Northampton and you don’t have any idea about what you should do before the winter arrives, you can just contact one of your local plumbers in Northampton to come help you do a few simple checks. Below are some of them.


Know where your water main is and confirm that it’s working

Well, this is a very important thing to do, however simple it might sound to be. It is always important that you know where the main valve for shutting off the system is located.

Those around you also need to know where the main valve is. This helps especially when there’s an emergency and you are not around. Not only are you supposed to know where the main is, but you also need to make sure that it is properly working.

This will help to stop further damages in case you are faced with an emergency leak since the first step is always to cut the water off, right?


The pipes

Of course your heating system has some pipes involved, right? Don’t you think it would also be a good idea to have a look at them? Well, it doesn’t require that much knowledge or expertise for one to know whether the pipes are in critical condition or not.

This makes your local plumber a better pick for the job. Probably you will be advised that the pipes needs to be insulated so that they don’t freeze and start developing some cracks or even shutter completely when it becomes more brittle due to the cold.

You need to make sure that the pipes are still properly insulated or replace the insulator if it has been eaten away or even damaged by the rodents. Follow this link and see more on why you need to insulate your pipes during winter


Hoses and sprinklers

They might not be part of your heating system but they make part of the plumbing in general, right? Since you will not be watering the lawn during the winter, it is always seen as a better practice to drain the sprinklers and make sure that the hoses are also stored in a dry place.

This is simply because water expands when it freezes to mean that both your hoses and sprinklers risk becoming brittle and will most probably crack or burst thus leaving you with short of a few garden tools when the winter is finally over. Just make sure you get them dried up first before you can store them.


The temperature pressure regulator

How about having to take a cold shower each time during the winter just because your hot water storage tank isn’t working properly or damaged? Trust me, it’s never a good experience.

This is why it is a better idea to contact your local plumber and have him take a look at the temperature pressure regulator of your tank and make sure it is working properly. Not that the cold season has anything to do with it but it can lead to the explosion of your water tank when it fails to open to release the excess pressure from the tank.

Let the plumber tell you if the regulator is okay or if it needs to be replaced. If replacement is the solution, then just make sure it is done before the winter.


Check the boilers

If you look keenly, you will notice that around 55% of what you use each year on energy goes on boilers. This tells you how often they get used thus the need to check them and get them serviced before the winter comes.

Having your boilers serviced is always advantageous since they will be able to work efficiently thus allowing you to save on your heating costs and also assuring you that your winter won’t be that cold after all.

Even if the boilers are running in top shape, it is still an important thing to get them checked up just before the winter. You wouldn’t like to have the fail in the middle of the cold season, right?


Just like the health experts usually say, prevention is better than cure. Even though we are not dealing with any diseases, it is still a better idea to prevent any heating failures that may occur during the winter or deal with repairs and other additional costs after the winter is gone. Make sure your plumbing system is on point, stay safe and keep warm during the winter. Happy cold season.


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