Why Should You Geocache?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

Climbing mountains, diving in deep waters, exploring nature and leaving your mark on the world is something we all want, but rarely ever do. These things make our lives more meaningful, and the friendships along the way make us better as people. Geocaching is a new and modern take on exploring the world, treasure hunting, and feeling like an old day pirate.

This new game is gaining its momentum more and more. Crowds of people from all over the earth are joining in, so why should you? Firstly, it’s abundantly fun. People leave containers filled with little keychains, toys, and small objects for you to find and trade with them. You uncover these surprise boxes by following GPS coordinates, and you take something from them, and leave something of yours in return. Of course, you secure your mark in the corresponding logbook, so other people know what you have conquered. Here is a place to learn more about GPS navigation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_navigation_device.


You get to explore new places

This might be surprising to hear, but there may be a hidden treasure near you. Geocaching isn’t only suited for high mountains and areas that are hard to reach. Booming cities have quirky caches in secluded or metropolitan streets, and it will be up to you to find them. However, if you are characterised as someone who wants to know the earth, treasure hunting in nature will be more suitable.

Depending on how you perceive this, you might want to do one of two things. The first one is to leave your mark on as many logbooks as you can. And, the other one is to travel as many different countries and embed your mark on foreign soil. In both of these cases, you will doubtlessly see things that existed only in your imagination. You will experience outstanding scenery up in the mountains. Fresh air to breathe, and mildly flowing water to take you away from the busy life. Never will you feel more connected with nature, than when going to meet it with a purpose and something in return.


You get to bond with people

Friends or family that you bring on the journey will feel closer than ever before. Even though this is a geocacher game, you will all feel that there is something more to it. Pushing your limits when it comes to climbing, hiking or walking will make you more open to each other. You will struggle to reach some treasures, yes, but the rewards will be well worth it. Each time you will bring with you some new items to put in geocache, and even trade something amongst yourselves.

Meanwhile, you can meet many new people. Almost always someone will be on the same route as you. Starting up conversations with strangers that have the same interests results in fantastic stories. Organizing collective geocaching events will give an opportunity for many people to discuss the same benefits. And, maybe even create a geocache of your own. A symbolic reminder of a hobby that makes everyone happy, and brings them closer to nature and each other. To check out some great stories and reasons for geocaching click here.


It will push your limits

Bear in mind that this game is both a challenge and has a thrill of victory. Conquering new heights with each new adventure is fun, but also demanding of your body. It will often push you to your uttermost limits and make you feel amazing while surpassing them. When doing these things, all of the anxiousness of busy life will go away.  It’s a great stress reliever and nurtures serenity and peace.


Great memories and memories that last for a lifetime

Finally, with every new geocache adventure come new stories. These stories can be of discoveries, explorations, funny moments and friendship. As a way to get you out of the house, geocaching is a beautiful hobby. It will bring back the child that was always excited to find out new stuff and replace it when it gets boring. All the memories will last for a lifetime. Also, the enthusiasm of finding something that somebody else has hidden never goes away. Even when it isn’t Easter, you can find Easter Eggs in places that will bring out something more in everyday life.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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  1. 20th January 2019 / 9:01 pm

    I love Geocaching! It’s taken me years to finally get off my ass and look for my first cache but now that I’ve done one I’m addicted! x

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