What You Need To Know About Commercial Modelling

While high-end fashion modelling is almost every models dream because of the limelight and opportunities, commercial modelling is an underrated sector in the modelling industry. What people dismiss as everyday people advertising normal products is indeed modelling. It is a down-to-earth sector and often very lucrative. The best part about it is that you don’t need to conform to any standards, to fit certain requirements needed of a fashion model. You can be who you are, and still make money off it. Size, shape, height or age count for little when it comes to commercial modelling. Here are five things you need to know about commercial modelling;


What you need

As a model, it is much easier to sign up with an agency and let them represent you. You let them do the hard work- finding clients and negotiating your pay, while you do the easy part- modelling the client’s products. The only hard task you have to handle is finding the right agency that matches up your aspirations. A great agent will unlock your potential and success in the modelling industry. You can scout for an agency by sharing your photos on forums frequented by the people you are interested in showcasing yourself to- agents, photographers, scouts and casting directors.

Until you are sure of what a particular agency is looking for, all you ever need to share is basic photographs of yourself. From that, an agent will be able to evaluate whether you are a good fit for their clients. This does not however mean you can’t be creative in your photographs.


Modelling classes

While you will need basic skills and training on acting, you won’t need modelling classes as a commercial model. All you need to know is how to audition and working on a set and you are good to go. There are lots of resources, both online and offline, where you can learn these. There are books you can read, YouTube tutorials. You can even attend workshops and seminars. You have a head start if you have a natural talent in acting. Lily From AT&T Commercial has been cast in several prominent shows.


The pay

What you earn off commercial modelling will depend on your experience, the type of job you are handling, the market you are operating in and image rights. Long-term use of your image will earn you more than short-term. The target audience will also determine your earnings to a certain extent; local ads earn little income compared to national or global advertisements.


Availability of market

Chances of landing an overseas gig as a commercial model are very slim. Corporates usually prefer working with models based on the areas they operate in. However, unlike fashion models who have to relocate to fashion cities such as New York, Paris or Milan, commercial models have much more options of finding work wherever they are as corporates are spread all over. Whether based in New York or Houston, work is almost always guaranteed.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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