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I recently heard about TRIB3 – a new bootcamp/HITT training studio in Sheffield, on Ecclesall Road. TRIB3 are currently offering a complimentary class on weekends and invited me along to review, so I decided to go along for the experience and give it a try on Saturday morning. TRIB3 refer to themselves a boutique bootcamp HIIT training studio.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with fitness. I know staying fit and healthy is important but gym memberships are sometimes so pricey. That’s why I’ve focused more on walking as much as I possibly can recently, due to not being able to commit to a gym membership.

TRIB3 has a luxurious atmosphere, you’ll see why throughout this blog post.

TRIB3 Sheffield Reception

TRIB3 Towels

At TRIB3 there’s no contract, subscriptions or joining fees, which I really like. Instead, you buy ‘credit’ through the TRIB3 website or app and use the credit to book in for a class.

TRIB3 Clothes Reception

TRIB3 Sheffield - Newbie Photos

The whole of the TRIB3 building is so pretty. As you can see from the photo above, they have a polaroid wall where all the newbies photos end up. I know, the last thing you want after a hard, sweaty workout is your photo taken and put up on a wall forever. However, it’s a nice reminder of how well you did on your first visit.

Even the changing rooms had a luxury-type feel to them. For the lockers you don’t need to pay or buy a key, you just keep your personal belongings safe in a secure locker by putting a pin code of your choice in to lock/unlock the locker. The changing rooms have showers with complimentary shampoo etc. There is also complimentary toiletries such as deodorant. I made sure I used some deodorant before and after the workout.

TRIB3 Sheffield - Female Changing Rooms

TRIB3 - Mirrors

I love the thought and decoration that’s been put into everything at TRIB3. I think it’s such a wonderful idea that they have hair dryers and straighteners so you can quickly do your hair then head off to work or where ever.

TRIB3 Straighteners

There’s a lovely lounge area with comfy sofas, it feels like such a relaxing area. You can also order shakes before and/or after your workout for £4. I didn’t have any change on me at the time, but next time I’ll be treating myself to a shake as they looked so nice and refreshing.

TRIB3 Sofa Area

TRIB3 - Water

It’s extremely intense, but the workout really gets your heart rate going. It’s a new approach to fitness. I’m not the fittest person – plus I’ve lost quite a lot of weight recently. This workout was different to any class I’ve ever been to before. Once the workout finished, everyone was dripping with sweat, myself included. It took a while for my breathing to even go back to normal afterwards.

The session I booked in for was the full body work out. Oh my god… it’s a 45 minute HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training) with three sections: treadmill, resistance and intensity. Select music is playing in the background to match with the different sections of the workout.

It was a brilliant work out. I had to stop a couple of times because I felt like I was going to vomit (haha) but at one point I did look at everyone else who’d kept going and got back on the treadmill! I was proud of that. I failed a bit at the intensity section because I seriously cannot hold my own body weight when doing push-ups, I’m going to be honest I did feel quite sorry for myself – everyone else in my class was doing amazing though and kept going. I enjoyed the sections on the treadmill the most.


Image source: ©TRIB3

I hope next time I return, I’ll be able to get further on with the bits I struggled with this time. Even if I just push myself to keep at it for longer – I’ll be so happy. I felt great after this session. Obviously my body did ache afterwards and the following day I was in a lot of pain, aching all over my body but I believe it just shows that it’s worked and you’ve really pushed yourself to do the workout.

I would really recommend heading to TRIB3 and giving one of their classes a try. This isn’t the cheapest fitness option but they are a luxury bootcamp and it’s such a unique experience. On pay day I’m going to buy myself some credits so I can go to some more classes. I’ll probably go every couple of weeks as I’m hoping that it should help with my weight loss journey.


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