Top Tips For Finding A Job In Fashion

Finding a job in fashion is something which many people aim for as a career. The beauty industry is quite similar to fashion, so if you are interested in working in beauty – these tips may also be helpful for you. There are so many different routes to go down if you want a job in fashion and a lot of options. You don’t have to be a fashion designer, you could be a graphic designer, website developer, communications professional and so much more. Look at your talents and think about your options.



PR Agency

A lot of people seem to get a job in fashion by first working in a PR agency. Depending on the agency, you may work with a range of clients or mainly one industry. Many PR professionals then go on to work for a specific company in the fashion industry, such as fashion magazines.

Work experience

Unfortunately you may have to work as an intern for little or no pay to get experience at first in some work places. You could also show you have an interest in fashion by contributing to independent fashion magazines or websites.

Job advertisements on recruitment websites

Vacancies in the UK are now listed every minute on job sites meaning you can make a specific search, for example jobs in Leeds, and find something that perfectly suits you and your current situation.


This may seem obvious to some but if you really want to work in fashion and have a keen interest in the fashion industry, starting your own fashion blog could be very beneficial. You will also be able to add it to your CV for any potential employers to look at, which will show them how dedicated you are to getting a job in fashion.

Keep it real

Most importantly, remember working in fashion isn’t always as glamorous as most assume it to be. Be sure not to confuse loving fashion with wanting to work in the fashion industry, you need to have realistic expectations.

There you have it – my top tips for getting a job in fashion. You will need to work hard and gain as much experience as you can, but if you show how committed you are, brands and companies will see this. Good luck with your fashion job search!

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Mary Johnson. All thoughts, opinions and images are genuinely my own.

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  1. Lauren
    10th May 2017 / 8:26 pm

    Oh great tips! I’m not looking a job in fashion but I am hoping to get one in marketing and I think these tips work for it as well. Especially blogging, so many people think they shouldn’t put it on their CV but it’s actually such a great asset to have, as it teaches us so much.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

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