Top 3 Money Saving Apps

If you’re a savvy shopper, like me, you will probably use (or at least be aware of) websites/apps such as Top Cash Back or QuidCo. I love a good competition site, deal websites and money saving apps/websites. Making money online has never been easier. Money saving apps have increasingly grown in popularity and there are many to choose from at the moment. It can be hard knowing which apps are most suited to you, so I would always advise doing a little research – hopefully this may the reason why you are reading my blog post! Today, I have put together a list of my top 3 (in no particular order) money saving apps, with an explanation of what I like, whilst considering the pros and cons.




The idea behind this app is simple enough. Using your location, the app locates offers available at shops and supermarkets nearby. The app is completely free to use and I’ve personally found it to be a great way to try products I wouldn’t usually buy. I’m quite lucky in that products I buy often (free from/dairy free) are generally listed on this app and I would be buying them anyway! One particular con which stands out to me is, your personal information is shared not only with Shopmium, but also with the third-party companies that are offering the promotions listed on their app.

This app works as follows:

  • Buy the product listed on the app
  • Upload a picture (or multiple) of your receipt
  • Your cashback will be paid out to you via Paypal or directly into your bank account.

You can sign up to Shopimum using my referral link and you will get a product completely free, to claim at a local supermarket.


Swagbucks Banner


Although this is mainly a website, I feel like I need to include Swagbucks in this list as I do use their app at least three times per week. Swagbucks is a favourite of mine and has improved greatly since I first signed up many years a go. You can convert your SB (SwagBucks) to a variety of vouchers including PayPal, Amazon, M&S and more! I’ve converted many over the past few years to Amazon and Steam vouchers, as I use steam for gaming. Sign up to Swagbucks using my link. The downside to the Swagbucks app is that it is limited in what features it offers, you can only do a select few things such as the daily poll, make purchases and complete some surveys.




I’m so addicted to this app, I’ve got to be honest. Plum is an automatic money saving app which runs through Facebook messenger, but is linked with your bank account. You can control how little or how much more you want Plum to save for you. You get regular updates on your spending habits and bank balance, so that you can monitor everything easily. They never store (or have access to) your bank login details and it has 
read-only access to your transaction data so in the unlikely event of a data breach, no money can be transferred out of your bank account, making Plum safe and secure to use. Join/install Plum by signing up here.


Do you use any money saving apps? Which ones are your favourites?


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post, which also contains some affiliate links.

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