Tips For Staying In Touch With Your Family

Your family is such an essential part of your life, yet very often can be taken for granted. It’s only when something happens, and you get a scare that it reminds you how precious your family is and that you should make the most of your time with the people you love. The problem is that life is so busy and full of other demands on your time and before you realise it, weeks and even months have gone by without you getting in touch with siblings or grandparents. As a result, people often feel they’ve missed out on being with family members and enjoying time with them, but how can you ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

Young and independent

When you first leave home for university or to start a career, it’s an exciting time full of adventure and possibility, not to mention the studying and learning you’ll be doing. With so much to do and look forward to, remembering to ring your gran now and then is easy to forget. Your family does understand that this is an exciting time, and it’s pretty common for young people to forget to stay in touch as often as their families might want them to. What you’ll find though is that the sooner you get into the habit of touching base regularly, the more quickly it becomes second nature.


How often should you contact people?

It’s a “how long is a piece of string?” question, because it depends on how often you and your family members usually make contact. If it’s the people you live with, this will be a new situation, so the easiest thing to do is ask your mum or your sister how often they want you to call. If it’s your gran and granddad, how often would you normally visit them or give them a phone call? Don’t forget, just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re behind the times, and many older people are perfectly happy to use the internet and email, Skype, FaceBook and so on to stay in touch.

Personal visits are always valued by your family, especially those who are used to seeing you all the time. Your grandparents will especially appreciate the time you spend with them because they’ll be aware that they have less time to enjoy your company. The good news is that seniors are able to stay at home for far longer now thanks to non-medical elderly in home care services like those featured at That means that you won’t have to endure the discomfort and boredom of a care home for many years, all being well! Knowing you can see your grandparents at home in their familiar surroundings is a far more inviting prospect, and when the time is tight, it helps to know you’ll enjoy your visit.

Being young and starting out in life is an awesome experience, but don’t forget the people you’re leaving behind in all the excitement! Stay in touch and give your gran a big hug as often as you can, so you know you’ve made the most of your time together.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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