The True Cost Of A Celebrity Wedding

Wedding season is definitely upon us now summer has arrived. Obviously people do get married throughout the whole year, including the winter months, but summer is a peak time for wedding businesses in the UK. Celebs are known for having spectacular, fairytale-style weddings and celebrations. I know I personally enjoy reading up on celebrity’s wedding day celebrations. Have you ever wondered what the true cost of a celebrity wedding is? Chill Money have done the hard work, by researching and pricing up just how much the true cost of a celebrity wedding can be.

Have you ever dreamed of recreating your favourite celebs fairytale wedding as your own? The below infographic will provide you with information on how much a variety of celebrity’s and the royals have spent on particular aspects of their wedding. From how Posh and Becks got hitched, or Pierce Brosnan’s incredible Irish wedding, to Kate Middleton’s beautiful dress, to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s amazing honeymoon, check out the information below to see what they paid for the privilege of celebrating their wedding day in a fairytale style.

How cool that Kim Kardashian-West made her glam squad available to guests, for a price of course. It also doesn’t particularly shock me that their hotel cost 25k per night! Taking into consideration all of the different aspects of a wedding, including the wedding dress, venue and all of the other elements involved, it’s no surprise celebs are splashing the cash on their big day. It’s actually so interesting to see what these high profile people get for their money with regards to their wedding celebrations.

Are you surprised by any of these amounts and how the celebs celebrated? Alternatively, are these prices what you expected? Let me know in the comments! You can also join in on the conversation using the hashtag #MatriMoney over on Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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