The Do’s and Do Not’s Of Online Dating

Online dating and finding love online has become increasingly popular. People used to be ashamed of meeting someone online, never mind even dating them and they would make up stories as to how they met each other. Times have changed and the way we socialise and communicate has evolved. I’ve collated a list of the do’s and do not’s of online dating, as it can be tricky to navigate the confusing world of dating as we are entering the new year!


Do read their bio and look through all of their photos

We must have all been guilty at some point of continuously swiping left or right without really paying attention. If you’re a fan of doggo’s, really look at their photos, read their bio properly and see if they have any pets. Reading someone’s profile has been a make or break for me in the past, as you can really learn about someone and get an idea of the kind of person they are.


Don’t send a generic introduction

First impressions count, so leaving a negative lasting impression isn’t really what you want, is it. Ask something a little different (but don’t scare them!) such as what is the weirdest date they’ve been on. Use their bio for prompts and ideas for questions, to show an actual genuine interest in them and what they are about.


Do be open about what it is exactly that you are looking for

No one likes their time to be wasted, so it’s best to be up front and honest with what it is you are looking for from someone. I’m in a long term relationship as a result of a dating app, so it is possible. Make your intentions clear. Are you looking for a relationship, to simply date someone (or multiple people), or hook-ups? Are you interested in a long distance relationship, or do you want to meet someone local? e.g. mention the location, such as isle of wight dating. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, say that, as they will more than likely appreciate your honesty.


Don’t be too specific, though

We all have a type, but you will be surprised how the right person may not fit your “ideal”. When a guy describes their “dream girl” or “ideal girl” in their bio, I honestly hate it. It would put me off them. Being so specific can also put people off wanting to get to know you, as they may not fit the “type” you have described.


Do be confident and have confidence in yourself

You are fab. Your online dating profile is your way of showcasing how great you genuinely are. Confidence is attractive and you shouldn’t be afraid of sending the first message. It can only go one of two ways, they will either reply or they won’t. If they don’t reply, that’s fine, as there are plenty more potentials for you to talk with and possibly meet.


Do be safe, please!

If you are meeting anyone from an online dating app or website, please be safe and let someone you trust know where exactly you are meeting them and what time. Perhaps check in with them and text them in intervals so they know you are still safe. You can now also share your location via your phone, if you feel it’s necessary. It isn’t worth the risk putting yourself in danger, as your safety is the most important thing.


What are your do’s and don’ts of online dating? Have you had any mishaps? Or maybe you’ve had a positive experience? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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