The Body Confidence Struggle – I Hate My Body And Think I Always Will

Body confidence is an important subject which I want to write about more often. I’m going to be brutally honest with myself now, I currently hate myself and the way I look. I also think I will always feel this way, no matter how I/my body looks. One thing I want to be very clear about now is, just because I hate MY OWN body, doesn’t mean I hate yours/other peoples. This is about my relationship with my own body. Unfortunately, with the way society has gone, we are told from a young age (all genders) that certain body types are the way we SHOULD look. Every female figure, from politicians to social media stars, are all subjected to criticism and comments based on how they look.


My relationship with my body has always been a bit skewed. When I was a size 6 (UK) in my late teens, I thought I had a bigger body than that. It sounds odd, as I would have to down size to kids clothing to find something which fit, but I didn’t see how slim I was. I’ve previously wrote a few posts about my relationship with my body, such as Body Confidence As A Woman & The Constant Battle.

Don’t get me wrong, I am trying to have a good relationship with my body and I will continue to try. Due to a combination of my birth control pill, antidepressants and stress, I’ve put on weight again over the past year or so. Until recently, I wasn’t really in the correct frame of mind to do anything about it, but now I’m feeling better mentally, I’m making a real effort to look after myself overall – including trying to lose weight.


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The first photo is what I would have initially uploaded due to how my body and face looks, but I’m really trying to work on my body confidence whether I’m a size 8/10 or a size 14/16. So I’ve decided to be brave and also post an additional photo which I would usually deem not ok. Plus I’m smiling in the second photo which I rarely do. I do feel as an “inbetweenie” size we are poorly represented in all varieties of media. Which makes me feel rubbish about myself and self conscious. But I’m posting this because it’s a step in the right direction to feel some positivity towards who I am/my shape/size. #campsharkie #campsharkie18 #blackmilkclothing #bmuk #bmmedium #bodypositivity #bodypositivityforall 📸 @sadie.ljones 💕

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What I’ve realised in my 27 years so far of struggling with my body and body confidence:

Please DO NOT compare yourself to images online/in magazines – It is unavoidable to actually see these images in day to day life, but please try not to compare yourself. If you ever catch yourself comparing your body to images online etc then try to remind yourself a photo (especially heavily edited ones) don’t always tell the full story.

Skincare is important – I will admit, I’ve been quite lucky with my skin, especially through my teenage years as it could have been a lot harder to manage. I still think it’s important to look after my skin, so I’m always looking for the most suitable products for my own skin type. Depending on your skin type, there are a variety of products available to protect and help your skin. For example, here’s a good option for treating eczema.

Have some you time by practicing self care – I truly believe in self care and mindfulness. Even if you just take a little time to yourself each day, you should feel a bit better within yourself. I recently wrote this post about ways you can practice self care after a busy day.

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