Style Advice For The Working Woman

If you need some style advice to refresh your professional wardrobe, look no further than these work essentials that look incredible and won’t empty your pocketbook. Your work wear closet needs these wardrobe staples.


Black Blazer

For something trendy and hip, try a black blazer. It goes with everything. Enhance your wardrobe by pairing it with shorts or add a belt around the outside. You can even leave it unbuttoned on the weekends for a relaxed look.


White Shirt

You need at least two of these. One should be fitted and the other oversized. They are clean and crisp, leaving quite the impression. You can wear white shirts with slacks, jeans, or shorts to make any outfit more snazzy.


Black Skirt

Timeless elegance looks like a black skirt. You can mix and match colours for a professional look or something more fun and carefree. Black skirts pull double duty as comfortable pieces for an after-work get together.


Comfortable Pants

Skirts aren’t for everyone, and if you prefer a more casual look, comfortable pants are the way to go. You need something lightweight and stretchy to give you freedom because there’s nothing worse than a pair of pants that doesn’t fit right.


Comfortable Heels

It’s hard to professional with comfortable. Find a reasonable pair of heels that offers support so you can walk around the office with ease and elegance. You need at least two pairs: brown and black.


Statement Piece

Let your personality shine with something bold and bright. Bright colours and patterns are great statement pieces to pair with any wardrobe staple above. Grab more than one and mix and match!

Boost your wardrobe with this style advice and take confidence into the office this year. Your clothing can affect your personality, mood, and emotions. Adapt these suggestions to make them your own, and have fun. It’s your time to shine.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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