Stunning Places To Visit In Yorkshire #CulturalDrives

Yorkshire is very special to me. I’ve spent my life growing up in different parts of Yorkshire, but mainly North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. I was recently asked if I would like the opportunity to write about my favourite #CulturalDrives in location of my choice – so of course, I chose Yorkshire.

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If the sun is shining in Scarborough, that is obviously lovely but I’ve enjoyed plenty of drives out to Scarborough to take in some of the sea air and enjoy the wonderful views. Even when the weather hasn’t been the best, I’ve always enjoyed my visits.


Another excellent stop on one of your possible #CulturalDrives could be Knaresborough. It is such a beautiful but peaceful place, with plenty of lovely places to eat serving delicious food. There are also plenty of ice cream establishments if you need something to help you to cool down.


Malton is home to homemade food and hosts a yearly food festival. Malton itself is well worth a visit but if you can visit the food festival and enjoy your food, you will love it! Until recently, I’d kind of overlooked Malton but it’s a lovely and unique place in North Yorkshire.


Breathe in the powerful sea air by visiting East Yorkshire – Bridlington or Filey (or both!) are excellent choices. Treat yourself to fish and chips whilst enjoying the view on the sea front.


Obviously, I couldn’t miss my beautiful home town from my #CulturalDrives suggestions. York is a stunning city with a historical and interesting past. Until I moved away, I didn’t realise how much I took York for granted. If you have the opportunity to visit, then I really advise that you do so as there is so much to see and do. We also have a variety of amazing places to eat at, including Skosh.

If you would like to experience the beauty which Yorkshire has to offer, head out for some #CulturalDrives around the region. My own adventures and experiences in Yorkshire are on-going and there is always something new to discover.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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