Storage Trends To Brighten Up Your Bathroom This Summer

When it comes to storage, there are a series of trends that are big this year in bathroom design. But as well as being fashionable, these trends can also fit well with the images and ideas of summer, while making the most of your bathroom design, space and style.

From minimalist bathroom cabinets to creative storage ideas, here are some examples of storage trends that will get your bathroom looking its best this summer.


Minimalist cabinets

The minimalist look is a popular trend for bathrooms in 2017, and this is stylistically reflected in cabinetry. Minimalist cabinets are a good look for summer as their simplicity in design and colour can help carry light, such as the beautiful natural light coming through a nearby window.

The simplicity of these cabinets also keeps your bathroom composition in balance, while standing out against bold colours and patterns. Clean white cabinets with simple knob designs, for instance, could work well against a striking backdrop, such as a decorative feature wall. They would also provide a stylish contrast to quirky light fixtures and summery colourful accessories, like towels and plants.


Free-standing vanities

Free-standing furniture, such as free-standing baths, is also on trend this year – and free-standing vanities are no exception. As well as being fashionable, free-standing elements of a bathroom can create a sense of space, opening up your bathroom and bringing in light.

As they are free-standing, these vanity units create more style options in how they can be installed to compliment your bathroom design. With more freedom to place these units, they can also be positioned to help open up space and bring in natural light further. Different styles, such as vanity units on shaped legs, can also bring out your personality and emphasise the style of a room.


Bold cabinetry

After colourful cabinets became a popular trend for kitchens last year, bold cabinetry is making its way into bathroom design, and is another good look for summer. Cabinets designed with bright bold colours can also work as a striking feature for a bathroom space, large or small, while coming to life in good natural light.

Bold bathroom cabinets can also be striking against contrasting light colours. This could include a clean white countertop or soft gold fittings, such as cupboard handles and sink taps.


Creative storage

Finally, creative storage is another big look for 2017. Designers are getting even more creative with storage, from accessories to quirky shelving, which could bring out the best in your bathroom this summer.


There are many examples of creative storage that can reflect styles which fit well with summer, while complimenting other bathroom trends. Lidded wicker baskets to hide dirty towels, for instance, could compliment a minimalist look, while bringing out the colours of summer. Quirky shelving, such as honeycomb-style designs, can also work as stylish feature pieces, while fitting with images of the summer months.

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