Staying Safe When Online Dating

Nobody is “just dating” any more, everyone is online dating. Online dating is the norm now-a-days, many people also end up in long term relationships after meeting online. It can however be a scary place and keeping your wits about you is extremely important.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I met my other half on Tinder and I never expected to actually even meet anyone at the time. Luckily, I knew Kiel and I had a lot of mutual friends and we planned to meet up with people we knew after our date. I know most situations aren’t going to be like mine though.


Don’t be easily identifiable

When signing up to any dating website or app, try to use a generic username where you cannot be easily identified. Don’t use your last name in your username, try to use a unique username which isn’t the same as your Instagram or Twitter handle.


Alter your settings or preferences

One of the perks of using dating websites is that you can adjust your settings or preferences to be as local or widespread as you want. From Clwyd dating or Central dating, to Ipswich dating, you can alter the location in which you would like to search for potential dates.


Use local dating websites

Instead of using the more generic and larger dating websites, there are plenty of local options out there. All it requires is a quick google search. For example, if you are looking for a website which is location based, such as a Wiltshire dating site or a Jersey dating site.


If in doubt, delete them

The most important thing is your own safety when online dating. If you have any kind of worries or doubts about someone, delete them and move on. You are under no obligation to meet someone. If you feel uncomfortable or under any sort of pressure, this should be a warning sign to remove them.


Meet in a public place – somewhere neutral

If you feel comfortable meeting up with someone, arrange to meet somewhere in public/neutral for the first date (and second, third, fourth, etc). Don’t arrange for them to pick you up from your house, as no one needs to know your address when you’ve only just met them.


Suggest a day date

We are all busy people with work and such, so it’s not unusual to go on a day date for breakfast, brunch or even lunch. You could arrange for the date to be on your lunch break, so you can grab some food with them and then you also have a reason for why you may need to leave.


Be clear on what you want out of online dating. Are you looking for something more long term, or do you not want anything serious? Dating is supposed to be fun but your safety is so important. Stay safe and have fun!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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