How To Stay Safe Whilst Travelling Alone

Many people use travelling alone as a way to find themselves and have some alone time that falls under just “me, myself and I”. Depending on the length of time of travel, many people are put off of going with a friend or other half, as it can present many strains on the relationship. This is due to heightened levels of stress, a difference in interest, and being the only person the other can really speak to for a prolonged amount of time. No one wants to go through the awkwardness of a breakup or falling out, only to have to stay in the same hotel room for weeks afterwards or cut the travelling short, losing out on a potentially large sum of money.


You can see why going travelling alone is a very attractive option for many travel lovers. You can create your very own itinerary without needing to consider someone else’s wants and needs or being responsible for another person’s safety or possessions. Of course, travelling alone does make you somewhat more vulnerable than when travelling in a group, and the intimidation and daunting feeling alone has been enough to stop many people embarking on a solo travel adventure. However, since you are fully in charge of your own safety, there is nothing to say you can’t be just as safe travelling alone as in a big group. Here are some tips on staying safe, so you can achieve your travel dreams without having to rely on someone else to keep you happy and healthy.


Research Your Destination In Depth

Though many tourist destinations will be considered safe to visit on your own, it is a good idea to research your destination in depth before allowing yourself to explore. Unbeknownst to you, there may be plenty of “no-go” areas that you will want to avoid – especially when travelling by yourself. There may also be certain clothing choices that aren’t available depending on the culture of your chosen destination, and laws on different levels of public displays of affection – if you are planning on meeting someone whilst travelling. The key is to not draw too much attention to yourself. You may remember going on school trips when you were younger, and your teachers being extremely vigilant on your bags being zipped, and valuables being hidden. This is because many tourists tend to stick out like a sore thumb and are easy targets for a pickpocket. In terms of accommodation, you are going to want to look for well placed, highly recommended apartments from a site such as or similar, depending on your destination of travel. Alternatively, you could book through a travel agent and stay in a hotel with a rep, where you’ll be able to go on guided tours and excursions that are in nature, a very safe option. It is also a good idea to plan out an itinerary of what you’ll be doing each day, and where you are going to eat. As well as avoiding appearing vulnerable with a lost look on your face and tourist map, you will also want to avoid any food-induced illness from making an unwise decision for lunch or dinner. In any case, you should ensure you have a high level of travel insurance, just to be safe.


Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Yes, bum bags/fanny packs may be the biggest fashion faux pas you can think of when planning out your ‘on trend’ outfits for your trip, but they will keep your money, phone, passport and other valuables out of sight of potential thieves. Never carry more money on you than you need to, and if there is a safe in your accommodation – take full advantage of it. Budget out your money daily and leave any excess in the safe – this will not only ensure you are smart with your money and don’t run out too quickly, but it will also mean that should any danger arise, you are not carrying a large sum/all of your money. This goes hand in hand with researching your destination, as you will need to know what the exchange rate is like, and how expensive a typical meal or bottle of water is to achieve accurate and sustainable budgeting.


Learn A Little Of The Language

If you want to blend in or be able to communicate with someone in an emergency, learning a little of the language, if it is different to your native tongue, is essential. Not only will this help you to blend in if you find yourself in an intimidating situation, but it will also allow you to call local emergency services and communicate should you need to. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just a few simple location and distress phrases, and the emergency services will be able to find and help you.


Prepare For An Emergency

As previously mentioned, you should have a high level of travel insurance when travelling alone, just in case you feel under the weather, or your luggage is lost or stolen. In addition, it is smart to have an emergency stash of cash kept somewhere on your person or in a safe should you need it. If you are having to carry quite a lot of cash on you – like when you are travelling from the airport to your destination, make sure you distribute it and don’t keep it all in one place. Have some in your carry on, some in your hold luggage, some in your bum bag or fanny pack, some in each of your socks, some in an internal pocket etc. Be creative, and never carry a stack of cash in one place – just in case.


Have A Check-In Agreed With A Relative

Even though using your mobile whilst travelling can be pricey, you really can’t put a price on your own safety. Having a check-in daily, or every couple days, with a parent or close relative, will not only put their mind at ease that you are safe but also ensure you have a safety back up should anything go wrong. You may even be able to find a cafe or hotel with WiFi, so a check-in doesn’t cost you anything. Of course, it is important not for them to jump to conclusions if you do miss a communication as you may have just forgotten, but after not hearing for a few days – that would be a cause for concern. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so even if they do alert the authorities and they find you safe and well with a three-day hangover at your hotel – at least you are safe.


Hopefully, this has given you some useful tips on staying safe whilst travelling alone, so you can feel confident to go out into the world and achieve your travel goals solo.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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