Splash Some Luxury Into Your Kitchen

The kitchen means so much to many homeowners – it is the place where the family get together, family recipes are created and parties are hosted. With that in mind, it’s no wonder so many homeowners want to add a splash of luxury into their kitchens. They may not be essentials in everyone’s kitchen design, but adding a luxury feature or two to your kitchen design will ensure you love it for years to come.


Leave coffee to the experts

If you are a coffee lover, there’s a good chance you need a coffee every morning before you can even think about functioning. And if you’re not a fan of clutter on the worktops, then a built-in coffee machine might be a worthwhile addition to your list. Simply leave it to the expert and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time. Although they might seem pricey at first, many aren’t much more expensive than top-of-the range countertop models and think of all that money you’ll save not buying a coffee on your way to work every day. If you’re planning an appliance bank in your kitchen design, then it’s worth noting that most manufacturers are designing coffee machines to match their ovens and, as a result, a combination of three ovens and a coffee machine are becoming a popular configuration. Price points vary, from the very affordable semi-automatic models from Hotpoint to the pricier all-singing, all-dancing bean-to-cup coffee machine from AEG.


White, rosé or red… enjoy your vino at the perfect temperature

Wine lovers will know just how important it is for a glass of wine to be the perfect temperature. There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm Sauvignon Banc. Kitchens with zones for cooking, eating and especially entertaining are the perfect place for one of the latest luxury appliances – the wine cooler. While there might not be space for a wine cellar, the latest wine coolers are very sophisticated machines that will ensure all wines – both red and white — are kept in optimum conditions. Undercounter models from companies such as Liebherr, Caple and CDA vary in size, from space-saving single columns to those with room enough for up to 48 bottles and featuring several temperature zones for keeping reds and whites at exactly the right temperature. Perfect placed on the dining side of an island so that guests can help themselves while you cook, look for coolers that also include UV protection and anti-vibration – to keep harmful light at bay and stop the disturbance of sediments – as they’re important features to keep your wine at its best for longer.


Experiment with domino hobs

If you are quite the master chef in the kitchen then you might not be able to resist these two-zone cooktops. Combining the undeniable benefits of induction and the brilliance of gas for preparing stir-fried food, domino hobs are perfect for experimenting with new recipes to make sure your food is cooked perfectly. These two-zone cooktops – usually measuring around 30 x 60cm — come in a variety of different types. As well as gas and induction models, you can also buy charcoal-style grills for all-year-round barbecuing, steel tepanyaki plates for Japanese style griddle cooking and even fryers for perfect southern-style chicken. Whichever you choose, it’s best to buy from the same manufacturer to keep the materials, design and size consistent. If you’d prefer to keep costs down with just one worktop cut, then AEG, Caple and CDA all have single glass topped hobs that include both a powerful gas burner and induction plates, proving that in some things, you really can have it all!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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