Simple Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Blog

Every blogger out there knows the frustration that comes with trying to build an audience. It would be great if it happened overnight, but, more often than not, it takes lots of hard work. When times are tough, giving up seems like a reasonable plan, but this is the last thing that you should do. Whether your blog is a simple hobby or a full-time career, you started it for a reason, and shouldn’t give up just because things are difficult right now. Instead, you need to roll up your sleeves and do what is necessary to boost traffic. Here are six simple things you can do.


Post More Frequently

As a general rule, the more frequently you post content to your blog, the more traffic it receives. This is because Google values sites with recent content more than others, and so places them higher on search results. Because of this, you should try to update your blog at least twice every week. Writing out a blog schedule will help you with this and keep on track.


Improve Your Titles

The titles and headings of your posts help readers to decide whether or not they want to click and read more. Because of this, they’re almost as important as the content itself. This means that you need to take a little more time coming up with titles that really draw readers in. Using strong language, adding alliteration, asking questions, and creating lists all tend to do this.


Boost Visual Appeal

Aiming to boost traffic shouldn’t be your only focus. Getting readers to your site is crucial, but you also need to keep them there. This is why it’s so important that your blog is visually appealing as well as well-written. For help with this, you can check out the HTML tips and learning resource center. Your content should fill the page, be optimised for small devices, and include useful and interesting pictures and images.


Write Guest Posts

Reach out to other bloggers that cater to your target audience and offer to contribute a guest post or two. As long as these sites have more traffic than yours, you should benefit and have at least a few readers that want to check out more of your content. Just make sure that your posts are interesting and well-written or there’s no point in trying. I created Boss Your Blog to share tips and advice to help other bloggers, so I am always looking for guest posts if you want to post on


Give Something Back

Regardless of what they’re getting out of it, readers are taking time out of their day to read your content. Because of this, you should think of a way to thank them. This could mean hosting a competition or giveaway, with prizes you have bought yourself or have been donated by sponsors. This will drum up some attention, which should reach further than your audience.


Ensure You Promote

After you hit publish on your latest blog post, you need to make sure that you take some time promoting it. This means getting on social media and posting the link, emailing the link to everyone on your subscriber list, and sometimes even paying for ads on social media sites, like Facebook. Continue to promote your latest post until you publish another one.


Running a successful blog is very rarely easy. In fact, more often than not, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you’re looking to boost traffic on your site, then, hopefully, the tips above will help you out.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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