Simple Packing Tips For Moving Across The Country

One of the most important aspects of moving is the actual packing or packaging of items that needs to be moved. Whether big or small, these items will be much easier to organize and move if they are properly packed. In fact, it will also make life easier for you when you get to your destination and begin unpacking. In this blog post, we will look at a few tips that will help you through the process of packing clothes, furniture, packing books, kitchen utensils and other items you may need to take when you move.



This is a key part of the entire process. This is the first thing you should consider before you even begin packing your stuff into boxes and bags. A proper inventory will not only help you keep your stuff organized, they will also ensure you keep proper tabs on them.

Anyone who has moved from one house to another knows that missing or stolen items are fairly common. In fact, you may not notice it until you look for it, when you need it, or you just remember it. Having an inventory makes it easier to check items delivered against items packed into the moving van or truck.

Here’s a quick advice, the moving period is the best time to discard what you don’t need. This applies mostly to your clothes, broken furniture or toys. As you take inventory, you will find stuff you have not used in months or maybe years, and stuff you may never use again. You can simply throw them out, sell them or give them away.

f you have a lot of stuff, you can start a garage sale and make some money out of it. Either way, do not stuff your new home with items you won’t need.

For help on how to take an inventory of your stuff, read this article here.


Have a strategy

Strategy for packing my stuff? Yeah! You will be amazed at how much more quickly and efficiently your packing will go when you have a strategy. Below is an example.

You could pack items based on where you got them from. An example is packing everything from the master’s bedroom together. All the books from room 1 will be in one box, all the clothes from that room packed together, etc. You can then label your boxes according to the room where the items were taken from.

You could also pack by item. For example, you could pack all the books in the house together. It may not fit in one box though. Once you have all the items packed, you can label the boxes appropriately.

Based from the strategies mentioned above, the first will make unpacking easier, while the second will require some serious sorting when it’s time to unpack. You may therefore just stick with packing your stuff by room unless the second strategy suits you better.


General guide for packing

Here are a few general tips you will find very helpful as you pack for your move:

  • Start packing early. This is a common-sense tip that many people take for granted. When you pack early, you can avoid mistakes and the stress that arises from rushing to meet a deadline. Also, you can take your time to pack and label everything properly.
  • When packing your clothes, you may want to pack them according to the season, so it would be easier to identify which clothes are together and not mixed them up.
  • Get vacuum bags because they will help you save space. You can use these for clothes that cannot fit into your suitcases.
  • If you own suitcases, then make sure you fill them with clothes. You can’t fold a suitcase so since it will be taking up space, you may as well make good use of the space.
  • When most of us pack fragile items like glasses and other delicate items, we usually use soft materials to pack them, so they do not get scratched or broken. You can use some of your clothes for this. These will get the job done and also maximize the use of space.
  • For your expensive clothes, you may leave them on the hanger and move them that way. This will depend on how you intend to move your stuff. Some options may support this while some may not.
  • While packing, ensure every box is fully packed. Do not however allow any box to weigh over 50 pounds. This increases the risk of the bottom of the box giving out. Go for small- and medium-sized boxes.
  • When packing books, use smaller boxes because books will be heavy so if you put them in big boxes, their weight will seriously exceed and may well go over 50 pounds.
  • Make sure you properly label each box.
  • Pack smaller items in zip-lock bags before putting them into any box.

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Items you would need while packing

There are items you need to make sure you have when you are ready to start packing. These include:

• Boxes – the sizes and number will depend on how much stuff you need to pack
• Packing tape
• Markers
• Clean newspapers
• Styrofoam, packing peanuts and Bubble wrap
• Zip-lock bag
Strong rope

Packing can be a lot easier with proper planning. Follow the tips listed above for an easier time packing for your move.

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