Should I Be Working On My Marriage Or Ending It?

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Relationships can be difficult at times and sometimes they unfortunately just don’t work out. It doesn’t make a failure or a bad person it just means that you have both needed to go your separate ways. It can be very challenging to recognise when you’re just burying your head in the sand and whether it might be time for divorce or whether you should be working through things. Problems should always be dealt with from day one and not left to build up, this can often be the real reason people head for divorce.

If you’re both committed to the relationship, there is no reason you can’t work of your marriage however on occasion the right thing is to seek the help of family solicitors and ultimately call it a day. Have a look below at some of the signs you should be looking out for:


There’s More Bad than Good

Often the cause of most problems in a marriage is down to the lack of proactiveness when it comes to making changes and seeking solutions. People are often too quick to give up and not put in the effort to change things. If you constantly have problems but don’t seek out problems then it won’t be long until the bad outweighs the good. Relationships can become breeding grounds for bad if you don’t start to put in an effort to help the relationship. If you can see this happening in your relationship it may be time to address the problems before it comes too late.


You’ve Stopped Sharing Your Thought’s And Feelings

Ok, so we all have some thoughts and feelings that are going to be kept to ourselves, not everything needs to be shared however you’re not doing yourself or your marriage any good if you hide any thoughts or feeling yours have involving your spouse or relationship. Communication is an important method of alleviating stress and many problems in a relationship, plus it allows you to build an even stronger bond. Problems can’t be worked on if you’re not both aware of them.


You Feel Like You’re Solving The Problems Alone

Sometimes the other person just shuts off from the relationship and any communication, it can be very difficult to overcome this. It’s a defence mechanism where people will avoid conflict at costs. They tend to master walking away, often refuse to communicate and dismiss concerns that you have. This leads to you fixing problems alone, and this isn’t healthy for you or the relationship. It takes two to create problems and this means it takes two to fix problems.


Defence Mechanisms Become Too Common

Sometimes you will start to see defence mechanisms been used on a regular basis. You may find that your spouse has become overly defensive when you express concerns or maybe you’ve started to dismiss your spouse’s needs. It might be that your spouse criticises your beliefs, or engages in stonewalling, where the saying ‘talking to a brick wall’ comes from. These can all lead to divorce if not tackled so if any of these are happening in your relationship it’s time to address them.


At times it is just time to call it on a relationship but if you’re both willing to and committed to making changes it’s best to work on it first. Do you have any advice that you can share in the comments section for people who may be experiencing problems at the moment? 


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