Sherwood Sharkies: Camp Sharkie 2016

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It’s more common for people to have internet/online friends now. Over the past 3 years I have met some of the most amazing people through online communities, such as the blogging community and Black Milk Clothing – the sharkie community. Therefore, I end up attending events such as Camp Sharkie.

Imagine one WHOLE weekend with 90ish ladies all wearing shiny, nylon clothing – meeting at one location because they all have something very specific in common… Black Milk Clothing. Last year a group of us drove for 6 hours (poor Emma) from Sheffield to Center Parcs Longleat Forest for Camp Sharkie 2015. We had such an amazing weekend, so when tickets were available for this years event – I knew I had to attend Camp Sharkie 2016!


The lovely Emma and Nikky drove from Sheffield to pick me up from my house in York. The drive towards Sherwood Forest was pretty straight forward to be honest, we didn’t get caught in much traffic.

Upon arrival, we pulled into the entrance of Center Parcs. We gave our names and Lissa’s name, who organised the whole thing. The lady handed us a set of keys for our lodge and away we went. We unloaded our bags from Emma’s car and dropped them off into the lodge. After taking the car back to the main car park, unpacking and catching up, we began to get ready for the night ahead.

Emma was our lodge captain and she is honestly so thoughtful. She made each of us in our lodge a goodie bag, which had a princess tiara inside. Obviously, we all wore them for the rest of the evening. I also managed to get a beautiful photo of Emsey looking very happy to be drinking alcohol.



Friday evening meal

Due to the fact there were 60 of us from Camp Sharkie at the Hucks meal, it took quite a long time for the food to arrive. We were starting to become very hungry! Eventually, the food started to come out. I ordered a burger and chips as I decided I wanted something which would fill me up for the evening. The food was nice and I enjoyed the cocktails. It was also lovely catching up with sharkies I’d met before and new faces who I hadn’t had the chance to meet until this night.



Emma and I shared a room and woke up on the Saturday morning to a tapping noise on the window. Emma opened the curtain and the cutest little squirrel was tapping on the window at us. It was like waking up in a Disney film. I spent the majority of my weekend feeding chocolate chip brioche and coconut mushrooms to the squirrels – oops.



On the Saturday morning, we decided to book a table at The Pancake House (because no Center Parcs stay is complete without a visit), before the BSS event. It was so worth it and I’d forgotten how amazing their pancakes genuinely are! I decided on a smoked salmon, rocket, lemon juice and sour cream pancake.



Buy, Swap, Sell event and Secret Sharkie gifts

Before BSS started, those of us who took part in the Secret Sharkie were given our gifts to open. Secret Sharkie is a similar idea to secret santa. I got a gorgeous Lush set and some amazing smelling Yankee Candles from the lovely Sophy. It was also a wonderful feeling watching Jo (who I bought gifts for as she was my secret sharkie) opening her gifts.


The BSS event was so busy, but it was very well organised! There was a room filled with nylon that attendees wanted to swap or sell. As the queue got shorter, I decided to join. This year I looked at both size S and M, so I treated myself to a beautiful crop top and a gorgeous shiny dress. I also managed to sell all of the items which I brought with me to sell at the event, which was a bonus.

After the BSS event, most people went swimming but I decided to head back to the lodge for some quiet time, as I found the weekend very tiring last year. I just thought it would be best to have some me time and some food whilst everyone had a swim.



Saturday night – Main lodge

Once we’d all arrived, the evening began with pass the parcel. Imagine 90+ people all trying to fit in a lodge. The line went all around the kitchen, into the games room, back out into the dining area, outside around the garden, inside in the lounge and back into the hallway and kitchen again. Emma also created 90+ shark hats all by herself for us, which was adorable.


Black Milk founder jL had created a video for us attending Camp Sharkie with a special message, which was so lovely. He thanked us all for supporting Black Milk Clothing and hinted that he may be coming back to Europe for a meet-up in the (sort of) near future.


Next there was a Black Milk Clothing based quiz. We tried to brush up on our sharkie knowledge as best we could, but I was rubbish. The room did begin to get very hot though. Unfortunately, I ended up having a panic attack due to how hot and busy the lodge was. I decided I’d rather go back to our own lodge and relax so I went back with my lodge mates. I curled up on the sofa in my PJ’s and the beautiful Emsey cooked me a pork wrap, which made me feel so much better.


Sunday pokéwalks

The Sunday generally involved a lot of pokémon hunting around the Sherwood Forest site. It was nice to get some fresh air and have a bit of an explore. We also got some very yummy gelato! Thank you Emsey for treating me to mine. I bought Emsey’s son a chocolate lolly with his name on, so she sent me a video of him eating it when she’d returned home, bless her.

In the evening we decided to order takeaway to our lodge. This was such a mistake though. The food was average, I guess. My pizza was alright and I did eat it all but poor Leia was given mouldy cheese by the takeaway. Obviously, we got her a refund!



On the Monday, I found it so sad saying bye to everyone. We packed our suitcases in the car and set off back to York. The whole Camp Sharkie weekend was absolutely amazing, I love being surrounded by some of the best people I’ve ever met for a whole weekend. Not many people can say they spent their weekend with 90+ girls in the woods. About 3 days after returning back from Sherwood Forest, I purchased my ticket for Camp Sharkie 2017. I cannot wait!



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