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Earlier this year, 30 bloggers attended a Sheffield bloggers event I helped to organise with some of my blogger friends in Sheffield. I previously lived in Sheffield for 5 years and moved back to my home town, York at the start of March. Through the Sheffield bloggers community, I made some of the most amazing friends and we’d started planning an event in January, so I continued to help plan the #SteelCityBlogMeet from York.

Unfortunately I’m going to start with the negative and get it all out of the way. In all honesty, we had quite a lot of problems with the venue. When we booked it at the start of the year and put a deposit down (using our own money) for the venue, we’d advised how many bloggers would be attending and that we were aiming to have at least two brands attending with stalls. Since the event, we have given our feedback to management as we shouldn’t have had as many problems as we did. I do want to apologise again to attendees in regards to some of the issues we had with the food, etc. Unfortunately also with events, things can sometimes be missed and someone actually left without paying for half of their food which we ended up having to pay for ourselves out of our own pocket. I do understand this could have been a genuine mistake but it’s just a bit of a pain we had to pay for another individuals food with our own money.

SteelCityBlogMeet - Food

SteelCityBlogMeet - Hand Out

I created these info sheets for each attendee so they knew how the day would unfold and what to expect. We arrived early to set up and rearrange the venue, which had our own private bar with a member of staff manning the bar and a table full of raffle prizes to raise money for RSPCA Sheffield. As a group we also set up stalls for TRIB3 and RSPCA Sheffield.

To break the ice a little, we organised a game to play which was blogging themed – each blogger had to find another blogger where something applied to them on the list, e.g. find a beauty blogger. It was so fun and definitely something a little different that was good for getting to know other bloggers.

SteelCityBlogMeet - Sheffield Bloggers

SteelCityBlogMeet - She Might Be Loved

The wonderful Georgina (She Might Be Loved) held a very interesting talk at our Sheffield bloggers event about how to grow your blog and also answered any questions attendees had. Georgina was brilliant, she answered every question with confidence and was full of wonderful knowledge.

TRIB3 also attended and had their own stall, offering a free session to every blogger who attended. I’ve previously reviewed my TRIB3 experience and I loved it, it is very tiring and intense though!

SteelCityBlogMeet - TRIB3

SteelCityBlogMeet - RSPCA

Two wonderful ladies from the team at RSPCA Sheffield also attended and had a stall. They had leaflets and information so we could learn more about what the RSPCA Sheffield do.

After the brand talks had finished, it was time to eat! Obviously as I mentioned before there was a blip with the food but it generally looked nice and I enjoyed my pizza. However, my anxiety was so bad due to the stress of organising the day I only ate less than half of my pizza. Gutted.

The 5 of us who organised the event did amazing (in my own opinion!) with contacting brands to get raffle prizes and goodie bag contributions from some lovely brands. We had so many raffle prizes that each person got more than one prize. I’m pleased to say we raised an AMAZING £94 for RSPCA Sheffield from the raffle.

The image below includes the majority of products which were in each blogger goodie bag from the Sheffield bloggers event – I do think we did a really good job, if I do say so myself!

SteelCityBlogMeet - Bloggers Goodie Bag

SteelCityBlogMeet - White Glo

Although it was so stressful, I’m really pleased with how the event went. A huge thank you to all the wonderful brands who donated raffle prizes and items for our bloggers goodie bags. Each blogger was given two bags full of awesome goodies. I found it really rewarding (but tough) as it’s nice seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, whilst giving brands the opportunity to get their products in front of a large amount of bloggers. Thank you to everyone who attended and again, to the brands! We really hope you enjoyed the Sheffield bloggers event.


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