#SaladGate – Office Fridge Thief

This is the story of how Salad Gate (#SaladGate) occurred at my work place. Recently food and drink was going missing from the office fridge and all hell seemed to break loose. When thinking up unique blog post ideas, I knew this would be the perfect example to tell you all.


From my own experience, when I lived in student halls during my time at Sheffield Hallam University, I had many occasions where food would go missing. In my first year this included two freezer drawers FULL OF FOOD. I was very upset because if you’ve lived away from home as a student, you will understand when I say money is very tight whilst studying. It turned out another house mate had told this individual to eat all of her food as she didn’t want it, so the food thief assumed everything was hers and consumed all of my food. Charming!

Recently though, members of the team recently at my work place had items of food going missing, sometimes even drinks e.g. breakfast drinks. There was one particular day where many items went missing, including breakfast drinks (which someone has instead of breakfast) and even, a salad! This particular member of the team was looking forward to her salad as she was on a diet. Personally, I’m very moody when I’m trying to lose weight and I know I’d have been upset about a salad getting stolen which I’d probably have been looking forward to. Plus, why steal a salad?! Of all the things they could have took…

After a bit of an investigation took on by the staff member who had their salad stolen, it turns out another team within the business had meetings on a Friday where they would all bring in some food each to then share with the rest of the team. Members of that team had been helping themselves to staff food from the communal fridge!

Data Label recently ran a survey about contention with stolen food from office fridges. Surprisingly, the survey showed that “one third of people have had food stolen from their office fridge”, I was genuinely surprised with this result as I personally wouldn’t dream of taking someone’s food, or if I was really desperate I’d at least try ask someone, surely? Find out more information about the survey by Data Label.

Have you ever experienced a fridge thief in your work place or office? What was it they took? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions and photographs are genuinely my own.

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