Review: Summit To Eat Freeze Dried Camping Meals

I received some freeze dried meal samples to try for myself from the lovely people at Summit To Eat. These meals are freeze dried, which means they are simple and easy to make. All you need to do is add boiling water, stir, wait and then serve. The simple process is perfect for a variety of occasions, including camping, adventure holidays, skiing, festivals, etc. The Summit To Eat freeze dried meal packets are light and easy to transport with you whilst travelling. Most people would assume freeze fried meals are unpalatable and would have a chemical smell, which was certainly my opinion from when I was at school, but times have changed!


Summit To Eat offer a variety of their products in batches, so you can select the right options depending on your activity, e.g. they have 2 day festival kits priced at £19.50, which I believe is affordable. As previously mentioned in this post, these meals are easy to prepare (only needs boiled water, or cold water depending on the individual meal) which makes them perfect for festivals. Each individual pack is clearly marked with the nutritional break down. For the purpose of photographs, I have ate each meal from a bowl. However, these meals can easily be ate from the packaging, so you won’t have to worry about bowls/plates during your travels.


Summit To Eat Freeze Dried Breakfast Meals

Scrambled Egg with Cheese – I was concerned before adding the water to this, as I didn’t know if the texture would be like scrambled eggs. I was wrong with my concern because as you can see in the photograph, it looks the same as how scrambled egg would usually look. With regards to taste, it was similar to normal. I’m wondering if I perhaps didn’t mix this properly, as it was quite bitty in texture.


Morning Oats with Raspberry – I decided to add a little bit of chocolate sauce to this, as I fancied chocolate at the time. As you can see, there are plenty of raspberries within these oats – just look at them all! They look super delicious, and they tasted great also. I found the oats to be filling, which is good because I would want something to set me up for the day ahead.


Summit To Eat Freeze Dried Main Meals


Chicken Tikka with Rice – As there are a selection of main meals to choose from, there is something for everyone with regards to preferences. The Chicken Tikka is really flavoursome and super tasty, this also mixed very well and as you can see, it genuinely looks like it’s going to be delicious too.


Pasta Bolognaise – I think out of the main meals which I tried, this was my favourite. The flavour popped out and I felt full/content afterwards. It’s the perfect hot meal to warm your tummy on a cold day, especially if you are using up a lot of energy from walking, etc.


Summit To Eat Freeze Dried Desserts



Chocolate Mousse with Cherry and Granola – For dessert I selected the Chocolate Mousse, as anything chocolate flavoured for dessert will probably be great. I’ll be honest, I was concerned that this would have a lumpy texture, but those lumps you can see in my images are the cherries and granola. The texture of the actual mousse was smooth and it had a delicious chocolate taste. If you can bare to share, you could share this with someone else as there is enough in my opinion.

The verdict – Two thumbs up from me! I’m impressed with these meals as they are nutritious, quick and easy to make. Summit To Eat offer a wide range of products, so there is plenty to choose from. The price is also reasonable in my opinion, with the majority costing £5.50 per meal. For more information about the products and to browse the full range of freeze dried meals head to their website, Summit To Eat.

Disclaimer: I received these products from Summit to Eat for the purpose of review. All comments, photographs and opinions are honest and genuinely my own.

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