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On the Sunday of Sheffield Style Show, I spoke to the lovely JuiceToU team who are Sheffield based. I’ve read about their products before and seen them endorsed by some familiar celebrities.

I wanted to try this juice detox with an open mind, but I knew juice detox’s can be pretty hard to stick at. Before my juices arrived, I did some research into other bloggers experiences of the JuiceToU detox.

The first thing I am instantly aware of is how no exercise is recommended, due to energy levels being low from the detox. My average day is quite busy as I have an active job, so I was worried about becoming unwell.


The JuiceToU 3 Day Cleanse

The 3 day cleanse consists of 12 juices, you have 4 a day at selected times which are stated on each label. Lemons and a guide are included in your delivery. The reason for the lemons is to slice up in your water, to help increase your metabolism.

You can also drink fruit teas on your detox. No coffee, teas or green teas are allowed as these contain caffeine.

The 3 day JuiceToU detox costs £79, which may seem like a high price but if you have a busy day-to-day life like myself, it’s worth the price to have everything prepared ready for you.

JuiceToU suggest you complete the full 3 days of the detox to get the best results. The way I have conducted this review is a little unusual as I asked my mum to try the remaining 2 days, as I didn’t want to waste the products.



My review:

Day One

9am: I was so excited when I woke up for work to have my first juice. I waited until I got into work so that I was consuming the “Clean Green” juice at the time specified on the bottle. I can be a little funny with green juices, but this tasted really fresh. It was great for starting my day.

12pm: I actually didn’t feel that hungry when lunch time arrived. This juice is called “Lets Glow” and I enjoyed it, the flavours were lovely.

3pm: It was time for “Clean Green” again. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much this time. I found it to taste better as a morning juice. By this time I began to experience headaches which were making me feel rubbish, but I only had an hour of work left.

6pm: I thought “Berry Good” was going to be my favourite, but it comes a close 2nd to the 12pm juice. This juice was pretty sweet, I usually enjoy sweet things but I felt unwell and was craving food, so I had a salad with a low calorie fishcake to eat at approximately 7:30pm.

I completed my first day and when I weight myself the following day, I’d lost 2lbs. It just goes to show that if you can complete the 3 day cleanse, I’d have probably got a higher weightloss. I still think a 2lb loss is a great result from following the juice detox for a day! My skin did clear up slightly which I was really pleased about.

After completing my first day, I decided the most productive thing to do for this review was to ask someone else to try them for the other two days. My mum agreed to this. She’s into her diet products and weight loss, so it made sense to also let her try these products.

JuiceToU - Clean Green


Mum’s Review:

The first juice “Clean Green” was really refreshing. I enjoyed it and liked the taste of the celery. I’m a nurse and had a shift but I somehow managed to get through the shift with just consuming the juices. My favourite was the 6pm juice, “Berry Good” which was perfect for that time of evening.

After completing the two days worth of juices, my mum lost 4lbs which is an absolutely amazing result! She told me that her skin felt fresher and she was happy with her results. She did miss having food though.






You can purchase the 3 day detox over on the JuiceToU website. Be sure to follow JuiceToU on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as they post awesome deals and discounts every so often!

Have you tried the JuiceToU detox or any other cleanse/detox? Let me know in the comments!


Disclaimer: I received this product to review from JuiceToU. Although I was sent this detox free of charge, all opinions, thoughts and photographs are my own.

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