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Disclaimer: I may have been financially compensated or be gifted products from the companies mentioned in this post, unless otherwise stated. All opinions and thoughts are genuinely my own. If you wish to find out more, please see my DISCLAIMER page for more information.

I was very kindly invited to review a week of Exante diet and their products recently. I’ve tried Exante diet products in the past, but this was about 3 years a go. Having followed the plan previously in my own time, I was prepared for how the plan works and what the products are generally like. I’m pleased to report I think many of the products have improved in taste, plus there are so many more options than when I previously followed Exante. The great thing about Exante is I can use their products, whilst also following Weight Watchers.


There are a variety of plans to choose from on the Exante diet. I was given a mixture of products from the different options, which I was pleased with as I got to try new products that I hadn’t had in the past. All of the shakes I was given to try are gluten free, which is a handy thing to know for those who are coeliac or have a gluten intolerance.

My food box of Exante diet products to review included:



Exante Diet Shakes



Almond milk & vanilla shake – This was just as nice as I imagined it would be. If you’re not a fan of sweet things though, this shake won’t be ideal for you. The vanilla and almond milk flavouring go perfectly together.



Toffee caramel shake – Unfortunately this flavour has quite a low rating because, personally, I don’t really like anything toffee flavoured. I still gave it a try though! I can imagine if you are a fan of anything toffee flavoured, you would enjoy this.



Chocolate shake – These shakes are ideal when you need something quick to make before work/at work. These chocolate shakes were always my go-to flavour in the past and I still love this flavour as much as I used to.



Exante Diet Snacks



Double chocolate bar – I remembered this as having a very chewy texture in the past, which is still the case now. However, I don’t remember the bar having milk chocolate edges, which it now does. I didn’t really enjoy this due to not really liking milk chocolate. I can see how other people would enjoy this chocolate snack though.



Chocolate mint cookie – Upon opening the packaging, the wonderful smell of chocolate and mint hit me. I love anything mint chocolate flavoured, and this cookie does not disappoint. It’s great that there are options like this to have as a snack on this diet.



Strawberry flavoured protein wafer x2 – I was very curious about these at first, but to my delight I was pleasantly surprised. The strawberry flavouring is lovely and sweet, you can only taste a slight hint of the protein powder. I actually struggled to eat a full wafer in one go, as I found them to be very filling, which is good. I’d be interested to try the chocolate ones in future.



Exante Diet Desserts (or pancakes for breakfast)



Protein pancake mix – I’d never tried the pancake mix before and I’m so pleased I’ve had the opportunity now. Upon opening the packet, the smell of the protein is super strong. However, these are so easy to make and left me feeling full.



Chocolate syrup – I was extremely excited to try the chocolate syrup, as it’s low calorie. The texture of the syrup is quite thin, but it definitely serves it’s purpose. Well worth buying if you enjoy a bit of chocolate flavouring with your pancakes.



Gooey salted caramel pudding – I don’t really like puddings such as this, but I still decided to have a try of it for the purpose of my review. It wasn’t my thing but if you’re a fan of caramel, you’ll enjoy this pudding.


It’s important to remember that any weight loss plans or diet products are not a long term solution. My best advice is to select a variety of products when ordering, as a variety of products will keep sticking to the plan interesting.

A lot has changed with exante since I followed it last time, but I’m very impressed. Although the products can be quite costly, there seem to be plenty of deals, offers and discount codes on the website and around the internet if you have a quick search. I also think exante is great for those who are busy a lot of the time and don’t have the time to prepare/cook meals, because everything is fast and easy to prepare on this diet. Overall, I’m so pleased I got to try exante again, I’m actually considering giving the plan another go next month. Take a look at the Exante Diet website to view the products and learn more about the diet.

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