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WARNING: Do not read this blog post on an empty stomach. At the end of March, I was invited with a plus one to try out Bossa Grill Leeds. Bossa is a Brazilian grill based in Leeds city centre. Of course, I took Kiel along with me. You may not have tried a Brazilian restaurant before, but the best way I can describe it is it’s like a buffet in reverse. Skewers of different meats are brought to the table until you’re too full to eat any more.



Easy to locate, Bossa is the kind of place where you need to work up an appetite before you visit. There are other restaurants in and around Leeds which are similar, but Bossa is well worth a visit and its affordable which is always a bonus.

After being seated at your table, you will be given a red and green cow. The idea is to have the cow standing up (green) if you want the food to keep coming. Once you have had enough, you turn the cow on its side (so the red side is showing) and the Bossa team will know you don’t want any more food bringing.


The food though, THE FOOD! Bossa is an all you can eat kind of restaurant. The garlic dough balls were by far one of my favourite side dishes, as they melted in your mouth. We actually had a second helping because they were just so good.



The staff walked all of the tables with different kinds of meats and meat skewers. I’m not usually a fan of lamb, but some of the lamb I tried tasted extremely delicious. Another highlight food-wise of my evening were the fries. I’m not actually sure what exactly was on top of them, but I imagine it was meat and some kind of cheese. These were so good and I could have actually ate two bowls of those fries as they tasted so amazing.


Towards the end of the evening, the creator of Bossa, Tomas, came over to explain the concept behind their lovely restaurant. He explained to our table that Bossa is all about enjoying yourself with your friends or family and not particularly thinking about what you want to eat. It’s about making impulsive decisions and trying new foods which you wouldn’t usually even give a chance. To demonstrate his thoughts, he randomly ordered us some churros with chocolate sauce so we could give them a try. They were the perfect ending to our meal and the personal gesture from Tomas was a lovely, thoughtful touch to our evening.



I really love the concept of Bossa to be honest, I was very impressed. It’s quite a unique experience and I liked the idea of using a cow to say whether you want the food to keep coming. Many other restaurants tend to use a similar concept, such as a red and green card. I can’t wait for my next visit! Thank you so much to the Bossa team and Restaurants of Leeds for inviting us.You can find out more information and view the menu by heading over to the Bossa Grill website.


Disclaimer: I was invited to attend a menu tasting at Bossa Grill hosted by Restaurants Of Leeds. All opinions, thoughts and photographs are genuinely my own.

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