Review: Black Wingz – Add Sleeves To Your Outfits

The wonderful people at Wingz recently approached me and asked if I would like to review a product of my choice. I was intrigued, but after a little bit of research and a browse of their website, of course I said yes. My sense of style can be quite “out there” and unique, but I still have many insecurities.

Most people dislike something about their bodies and there are many reasons why someone may prefer to cover up their arms. For me, my arms are something I have been conscious of on/off throughout my teens and into my twenties. Wingz are a fashion brand who have created the perfect fashion item to help those who want to cover up their arms.

After having a browse of their website, I decided on the Black 3/4 length pair as I wanted to pair them up with some of my dresses. I’m pleased that I chose the black version, but the white one was just as pretty. The only downside is that on the first evening of wearing my black Wingz, the material started to unravel slightly.


Wingz is a great alternative to wearing a cardigan or shrug. Those items can be quite heavy and not ideal when the weather is hot. With Wingz, I wore them out on two occasions for the purpose of this review. The first time was on a spontaneous night out where it was warm in the evening, but it was forecast to get colder. The second was for an event in Leeds, where I wanted to cover up my arms but not have to carry around a jacket or coat all day with me. Plus if I got too hot, I could have easily just removed them and popped them in my bag.


At £18.99 for a pair of Wingz from WingzFashion, I think this price is pretty reasonable. Body confidence is important to me and any fashion item which may help improve someone’s confidence is great in my eyes. I will be purchasing other designs and colours in future for sure.

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Wingz and contains PR samples. All thoughts, opinions and images are genuinely my own.

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