Planning The Perfect Cultural Getaway

Planning the perfect cultural trip should begin ahead of schedule, as this way you’ll be able to squeeze as much into your days and have them brimming full with fun, adventure, and education. When deciding to embark on any getaway, you should prepare a detailed list of what you wish to see and do in accordance with your personal interests and what’s going to make you feel happy, fulfilled, and inspired. One of the great things about trips oozing with culture is that they’re individual to you – culture is art, music, performance, social habit, intellect, lifestyle, language, cuisine, and it’s personal.


Theatre Performances

Theatre performances are considered to be some of the most cultural immersions available as they show a snippet into other people’s lives and experiences, while you as the viewer spectate. When planning your cultural getaway, you should incorporate a visit to the theatre and to the West End in particular. The district is world renowned and hosts some truly spectacular performances on a daily basis. Look early to find some of the cheap musical tickets London has to offer and for the performances of most interest to you. In order to see a variety and experience some diversity, consider opting for both, what’s considered “high-brow” and “low brow” shows.


National Trust and World Heritage Sites  

If you’re in the UK then National Trust properties and gardens, and world heritage sites are never going to be very far away from you. The UK boasts some of the oldest and most exquisite buildings in Europe, and even throughout the world. So, get hold of a map and a National Trust guide to help you decide which spot you’re going to peruse next during your bid to observe and absorb as much culture as you can.


Walking In Nature

Assimilate yourself into the natural world and walk with the likes of deer, badgers, rabbits and voles. Walking in nature is good for the soul, or in other words, you’re able to disconnect from the lively hustle and bustle of city life around you and escape the noise and frantic movement of urban existence. If you want to make the most of your short getaway in the countryside, then pack up a tent, some lightweight cooking equipment, and other necessary bits and pieces for staying warm and trekking across open plains, crevices, or mountainous areas – whatever takes your fancy. Decide to camp along the way, wake with the sunrise, and even take your dog along with you for company and security.


Art Galleries and Museums

If you want to dive headfirst into a wide pool of culture, then it’s advisable to head over to the country’s capital and see London in all of its splendour. If you have just the one day to spend in London, then it’s wise to stay centrally and visit the British Museum, as well as the Natural History Museum. You’re spoilt for choice if you plan to stick around the centre as you can also split your time between entering the Tate Britain, and also the Tate Modern settled beside the River Thames. For a break from the city centre, don’t forget about lesser known gems such as the Whitechapel Gallery and White Cube in Bermondsey.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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