Planning Our Disney Land Paris Trip

I’m going to Disney Land Paris! I am so excited, Billie (my blogging bestie) and I have spoken about wanting to travel and visit Paris for ages. Last month, we finally plucked up the courage to book our trip to France.

I’ve previously travelled to Amsterdam with Billie and Lauren. It was awesome going on holiday with other bloggers because we would all be taking photographs of everything constantly. Plus, those two were vlogging during their trip.

I last went to Disney Land Paris when I was 14 years old (approximately) and although I loved it, I’ve always wanted to go back as an adult. I feel like the experience will be totally different now I’m 26 years old. I remember I took a little book with me and had it filled with autographs by the different characters.

I seem to convince Billie (quite easily may I add!) to join me on these relatively spontaneous trips. I’m hoping maybe later this year or next year we could travel places¬†with some sunshine (perhaps Tunisia?). We had so much fun in Amsterdam together last year, so visiting somewhere hot with my blogger pals would be awesome.


Anyway, back to Paris. We are staying for two nights, so three days in total. We will be spending our main day at Disney Land, but we are hoping to explore Paris a bit on the other two days.

I’ve read so many reviews by bloggers of visiting Disney Land Paris as an adult, which have all made me feel more excited. Booking and planning a trip to Disney definitely helped defeat our January blues.

I am really looking forward to my trip to Disney Land Paris with Billie. We’d spoken about going for so long, I’m so pleased we’ve actually booked it. I’m a huge Disney fan and this is probably going to be the most magical trip of my life!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post. All opinions, thoughts and photographs are genuinely my own.

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