Overcoming Abusive Relationships

Abusive relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly, abusive relationships are related to romantic couples. However, you can experience abuse in friendships, with family, or with housemates. The thing to remember is that you’re not alone. There will always be someone to talk to if you’re struggling.

Odds are, if you’re coming out of an abusive relationship, you have nowhere to begin in order to overcome your ordeal. Here are some tips for you if this is the case!


Don’t Rush

Being on your own can be tough. But the thing to remember is that you’re so much better on your own than in a difficult and abusive relationship. Odds are, you’ve been hurt, guilted, been made to feel ashamed and more. But that is all behind you now. The truth is that there is no set way to get over such an ordeal, but you’ll get there, I promise.

One thing you can do is claim some compensation for abuse. The CICA scheme was set up by the UK government In order to give victims of abuse here in the UK the chance to start again with some funding from them. You can claim this yourself, or appoint solicitors to do this for you if you would rather not do it alone.

You may not receive much, but it could mean a deposit on a new place, or new clothing/items to help you your way.


Have Faith

You will get through this. It may take some time, but you’ll find your way. If you have just come out of the abusive relationship, why not reach out to friends and family who can help you? You’ll find that, even if your ex partner has pushed them out of your life, they will still want to help you recover. If you find that you have no one, there are so many charities that you can contact in order to get through this. Once you are settled into a new place with new surroundings, you’ll find that it’s possible to keep going and escape the life you had before.


Block, Delete, Move on

One thing that can hold you back? The ex. If they were controlling, the odds are that they will try and worm their way back into your life. Stay strong and ignore them. You had the courage to leave them, and you’ll have the courage to live without them. Believe in yourself, and you’ll find that anything is possible. Block their number, block their Facebook. They don’t need to know where you are/how you’re doing, and you don’t need a reminder of them online or otherwise.

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

Disclaimer: This is a guest post, by Gina Kay Daniel.

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