New Year New Me – Considering A Career Change?

Applying for jobs is terrifying in itself, but wanting to pursue a different career can be even more daunting. I personally went through the experience of changing my career a few years back, after realising that I was very unhappy. At first, I punished myself for “being weak” and “not being able to stick to anything” but the truth is, I was brave for looking into and pursuing a career change.

The good news, is that the beginning of 2018 could be the ideal time to think about pursuing an alternative job role. This is when other people begin looking at other job roles, making the job market varied and opportunities arise much more frequently.


Do your research

Obviously, don’t jump in blindly. Consider what your talents and interests are, then look at what job roles are available out there which relate to these. Think about your transferable skills, as not only does it help you see what you can already do, but this is also handy for creating your action plan.


Create a career action plan

By doing your research, this will help you to understand better what you may want. Thus you can begin to form an action plan for your new job search. List the job titles you are interested in, then create a list of currently advertised vacancies which you want to apply for. Make a note of any skills they are looking for, so that if you have any gaps in your knowledge, this gives you a starting point of what you may need to do. Create a timeline and set yourself both short term and long term goals, as this will help to keep you focused.


Update your CV

Keep your CV up to date, as often as possible. Depending on the industry you are wanting to work in, depends on how your CV may look. You could also get external help and look into a professional CV writing service, such as who offer a variety of CV packages.



Whether this is done online or in person at networking events, talking to someone with first hand experience of the industry you want to go into can be very insightful. They will probably be happy to answer any questions you may have. You also may meet someone who has connections in the industry you are looking to get into, which could be beneficial.


Although this can be daunting, you are doing something productive to change your career. It shows you have courage. Don’t let negative thoughts which may arise bother you or niggle at you, such as “You have wasted time”. Not one person is the same, we all have different paths in life and some people realise what they want to do quicker than others. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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