JACK HAS COME HOME – Missing Cat In Foxwood, York – Jack

UPDATE 8th January 10am: JACK IS HOME ♥️ thank you so, so much everyone for your support and help. He appeared in the middle of the night/early hours of this morning (Tuesday) by jumping on the bed 🙄😂 thank you so much again everyone for your support and kind words xx


I hate that I’m writing this blog post. Some people may think “jesus, he’s just a cat get a grip” but he is OUR cat. He is a huge part of OUR family. Our beautiful cat Jack is missing in York! Jack had his breakfast on Saturday morning (5th January) and then we haven’t seen him since. I am completely heartbroken, we all are. This is not like him at all. He loves his family and food, he would usually go out for 2 hours most at a time. Unfortunately, Jack doesn’t have a very loud meow.

Someone did get in touch with us on Saturday night to say they had spotted him on Foxwood Lane/Hatfield Walk, York at lunch time! People went out looking for him but no luck yet. We haven’t yet received any other possible sightings. The fact Jack is missing has left a huge hole in our hearts and we miss him so much. We are incredibly worried.

We have a few possible theories:

  • As Jack is only one year old, he may just be being a little rebellious and has gone an adventure
  • Jack was possibly spooked by the bin men on Saturday morning and ran away, getting himself lost/he is now hiding somewhere
  • As Christmas has come to an end, someone may have put their Christmas decorations in their shed or garage. It is possible Jack may have climbed in and now be locked inside
  • Someone has injured/killed Jack and left him somewhere
  • Someone has taken Jack

If you have any information on Jack, please do contact us. Please see the poster for contact details.

A message from us, Jack’s family: We would like to thank everyone for their help so far. The local community has been so helpful and supportive, especially the Missing Cats in York UK Facebook page. We have been overwhelmed with how many times the Facebook post/missing poster has been shared. Thank you again, as we really do appreciate all of your help!




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