Mental Health & Dating

Dating is tricky for most people. Understanding new dating terms, apps, how online dating works, feelings, dating safety, etc can be a minefield. However, if you have a mental health condition, dating can be even more of a scary experience. I’m currently in the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in, but my mental health stills causes havoc with my mind.



You think they won’t understand/may judge you

It can also be confusing for the person you are dating, as they won’t be used to how your mind works. Sometimes we don’t understand why our own minds works the way it does ourselves, so how can we expect someone else to do so. I personally find it is best to just be honest with someone about your mental health, then you’ll get a better idea on the type of person they are as to whether they stick around or not.


Anxiety over meeting up with someone

I know personally, my anxiety has stopped me from agreeing to meet up with people for a date in the past. You also don’t want to end up having a panic attack before, or on, your date. Perhaps, to help with feelings of anxiety, suggest to meet at a time suitable to you or a place where you will feel comfortable e.g. for lunch instead of dinner, or your favourite pub.


Feeling like you aren’t good enough

Having the confidence to ‘sell yourself’, by turning yourself into an advert, putting across all the wonderful things you know about yourself. Especially if you struggle with confidence, this can be particularly tricky to do. You could ask for someone who you trust/who knows you well to help you with writing your dating profile, as they will know all the amazing things about yourself which you need to include.


Worrying whether someone will want the same kind of relationship as you

You may be looking to meet someone in a specific area, or where you are located yourself. Websites such as this Wiltshire dating site, Bristol dating sites, dating in Buckinghamshire, single women in Woking, or date Wiltshire singles are ideal as they are location specific. No Strings Dating is an example of a website where you can look for others who are wanting to take part in casual dating for themselves.


Sometimes it might just be the right time for you to be dating. It can be best to work on yourself and understanding your own mental health for a little while, before throwing yourself back into the world of dating. It’s very important to be kind to yourself, so you can be in the best possible frame of mind.

Is there anything you’ve struggled with when dating?

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