March 2017 Blog Income Report

March was a huge month for me as a blogger. I’ve earned the most I’ve ever made through my blog. As well as running my blog, I also work full time and have a social life. I am a little nervous about publishing this blog income report but I believe to avoid other bloggers getting undervalued, it helps if I’m transparent about what I can earn in a month. I also thought it might be interesting in general for others to read. I’m quite a nosey/curious person and I enjoy reading reports on what other bloggers have earned.

March 2017 Blog Income: £315.43

This month has been the busiest and biggest in terms of my blog income. I’m also owed £255 from sponsored opportunities which haven’t paid me yet. This may be due to their finance departments or something relating to budgets/the new tax year. £250+ is still a brilliant start to my April 2017 income.

I usually set myself some kind of personal target each month, but never usually in writing. Later in this blog post, you will see a list of goals and targets I have set myself for April. I want these goals to be achievable.


March 2017 Statistics:



Page views: 1,394
Domain authority: 25


Social media

Twitter profile visits: 3,309
Tweet impressions: 49.3K
Twitter followers: 2,040
New twitter followers: 64


Some of my posts in March:

York Gin Festival 2017 (My most popular blog post in March)

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A Relaxing Bedtime Routine with Kalms and Blackspade

Alter Your Style By Buying Wigs Online

Garden Inspiration For Spring

Review: Shadow Switch Makeup Brush Cleaner by Beauty Essentials



Goals for April!

  • Add 1-2 internal links per blog post in April
  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram
  • Grow my Pinterest to 200 followers
  • Grow Twitter by 50 followers
  • Aim for 1,500 views of my blog


Final thoughts

I’m considering posting a blog income report as a monthly post, at the beginning of the following month like this one. Working freelance is hard and every month is different. I have to dedicate a lot of time and effort into my blog. I doubt I’ll ever earn as much as I have in March, but you never know. I’m so impressed, as it shows hard work can help me to grow


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  1. 12th April 2017 / 4:34 am

    It’s jolly hard work running a blog. At times the rewards can be great, both in monetary terms and with the shear joy when people leave a comment on blog posts. Good Luck with April.

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