Make A Timeless Memory With Custom Paintings

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If you want something to last long, take a picture. But if you want to make some meaningful moment timeless, you will decide on a painting. At a time when cameras did not exist, memories of beautiful moments or dear people were saved in this way.

It’s no wonder that some of the images from these periods reached incredible values nowadays and became a real piece of art. Artists who painted them then probably did not believe their works would outlive them.

Photos are also permanent memory, easy to create, and you can share them with dear people at any time. However, the painting on the canvas, made with oil paints, has some unique, higher value. Apart from being a beautiful memory, custom paintings & portraits can also be an exceptional and unusual gift.

It’s something that will take a special place in your or someone else’s home.


Oil Technique

Oil paints have been the choice of many artists for a few centuries, and some of the masterpieces of art have been painted precisely by this technique. They didn’t lose popularity even today, because of their versatility, quality, and durability of colour pigments.

This painting technique has advanced over years so today we have several hundred brands selling these colours, but also brushes made of natural fibres. If you know that the artist will create your custom painting with this tool, be sure it will last forever. If you want to learn why these paints are so popular for several hundreds of years, check this source.

The process of painting will take some time, as the artist will apply colours in several layers, to achieve the desired result. If we can emphasize something as a disadvantage of this technique, that will be the slow drying of the colour.

That’s why you will be waiting for your order for a few days. Colours harden slowly, in layers, which gives the painter a chance to fix something in time if there is a need for that. When they apply the finish layer of varnish, there is no repair.


Create Oil Painting Of Everything You Can Imagine

Creating a custom painting from a photo or scratch is not unachievable. You can choose the dimensions of canvas, style, dominant color, etc. You can add or remove everything that you want. You can even combine several photos into one painting, and thus make something outstanding.

Did you ever think of painting as a hobby? How to start, read here:

When you want to keep the memory of a loving person, you can do a portrait in the form of oil painting. Even if you have a black and white photo, the artist can add colours to realize your idea. These photos are a bit depressing, so most people opt for this. In the same way, you can eternalize your beloved pet or some nice family photo. If you want to give oil painting as a gift, the motive may be some landscape photography or some common motif.


Maintaining Oil Paintings

Oil on canvas is a beautiful memory that, if properly maintained, can last for generations. Although the custom paintings and portraits are usually preserved with the layer of varnish, and there is the possibility of putting protective glass, time and external factors can damage them. Understanding basic tips for cleaning oil paintings will help you to save their eternal beauty.

Dust is inevitable, so regular cleaning is a must. You’ll need brush made of natural fibres for rough removal of dirt from paint layers, cotton cloth, and clean water. For minor surfaces, you can use cotton buds. There are cleaning products for the maintenance of these paintings, but there is no need for that. Just remove the dust frequently.

In the sun, the colours will fade. From the very beginning, find a place that is not exposed to light. The same applies to humidity, so you should place your painting in a well-ventilated place.


Making a custom painting is not cheap, because it takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to know which options you have, whether your idea is feasible or not, and how much it will cost you, most of those who create custom painting can make you an estimate. After that, the decision is yours.


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