The Lo-Down On London: Accommodation Options

London – the capital of England and the main hub of the British Isles. Visiting the Big Smoke is like taking a trip to one of the major cities in the world. New York, Hong Kong, Sydney are all on a level with the home of the Queen. As proud as that makes Brits feel, it also makes us skint! The living cost of London is twice as high as anywhere else in the country, and that can make a visit expensive. Budget travellers always want to cut costs to the bone, so it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation.


However, by focusing on accommodation, there is one less expense to panic over.


Book A B&B

Ah, a B&B, one of the cosiest digs in the whole of the country. Normally, they are synonymous with quaint towns in the Lake District or the Highlands, but London has lots too. Sure, they might be pricier than the national average, but they are cheaper than any central accommodation. A great tip is to find a bed and breakfast that is outside the main zones yet within thirty-minute commute. That way, the cost will be low and you can still be shopping on Oxford Street in half an hour. As the cockneys say, that’s cushty bruv!


Consider The Hostel World

The idea of staying in a hostel doesn’t appeal to the average visitor, but you are a traveller. Accustomed to the dorm lifestyle, what’s one more weekend? The answer is nothing, which is why they are worth considering. Some are even centrally located and less than £30 a night. Pricey it may be compared to other cities, it’s dirt cheap in the Smoke. The best thing to do is check out Hostelbookers and Hostelworld right now and browse the going rates.


Bag A Bargain

Adverts are all over the TV explaining how sites like Trivago find the cheapest deals, and you should listen. The logic is sound and many a traveller has booked a 4-5 star hotel because they shopped around. Always check out comparison websites before you go, especially Booking. On here, it’s possible to reserve a room without paying a deposit or incurring a cancellation fee. So, should you find a better alternative, you can abandon the booking without being charged. For the best deals, hit up as many sites as possible and listen to their tips and nuggets of advice.



Everyone knows about the first one, but Couchsurfing is less popular. What you should know is that rents in London are high and tenants are looking for ways to subsidise their payments. Therefore, the good people of the capital will rent out a couch, a room, or their entire home for the right price. So, you could end up in a proper house or flat thanks to sites like these. The key is to speak with the owner and thrash out the details before paying upfront.


Are there any other tips you would like to add which have helped in the past? If there are, don’t be afraid to get in touch and share.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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