Learning To Love Your Hair

Learning to love your hair is very important, as it is something you are born with. I’ve personally found that researching hair care tips and treatments can be helpful in boosting your hair confidence. I’ve always had a rocky relationship with my own hair, as when I was younger it was extremely thick and so hard to manage. After many years of doing damage to my hair from dying it myself, all different kinds of colours and from using heat based hair styling appliances – my hair is now quite fragile and snaps fairly easily.

A personal tip that I’ve found so helpful in learning to love your hair, as mentioned briefly above, is to research into hair care tips for the type of hair you have. Over the years I have watched a variety of YouTube videos, learning tips from vloggers who have similar hair to my own. Also, as I’ve got older I’ve learned new techniques and hair treatments to help better maintain my hair.

Another route I’ve previously gone down, as have many of my friends, is to purchase decent quality wigs. These require a lot of care and can be pricey, but you have full control over the style and colour. You can go as unique or as bold as you want, without putting your own hair at risk and possibly damaging it.

Extensions can be another reasonable option, but please always fully research the types of hair extensions available before committing yourself to a particular type. I know someone who had her hair actually fall out because the hair extensions had been so poorly done and not attached to her hair properly. Although they can be a lot of effort, I’ve personally preferred clip-in hair extensions. You just need to keep them clean and care for them correctly.

Perhaps you are really struggling with your confidence and find that all options so far aren’t applicable to you, or don’t make you happy. If you feel like you have run out of options and have the money to do so, weighing up the decision of a hair transplant cost could be worth the time and money. A hair transplant could be the key to boosting your confidence.

At the end of the day, we are born the way we are, with specifics such as our hair, making us exactly who we are. Whether you end up embracing your own hair like I have, or if you absolutely desire to invest money and time into your hair, always do your research and understand exactly what it is you are signing up for.I used to be so dependant on hair extensions, I couldn’t even just pop to the shop without wearing them. I never thought I’d go day-to-day without wearing extensions, but now I do! I actually quite like my hair now. Being happy in your own skin, learning to love your hair and your own unique qualities is so important.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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