Keeping Comfortable At Work

We spend up to, and in some cases more than, 40 hours a week at work, and it shouldn’t have to be an inconvenient and uncomfortable experience every step of the way. To help you handle the stresses of the job more easily, Simon Jersey Uniforms take you through some tips for keeping comfortable at work.


Breathable clothing

Comfortable clothing is paramount when it comes to dealing with the longest and most difficult of shifts at work. This can depend on whether or not your office has a set uniform. If not, you can be more forgiving with what you wear. Cotton polo shirts, for example, are great for the hotter months, while a light fleece can keep you warm in the winter without being too bulky and awkward throughout the day.

If you do have a uniform, it might even be worth opening a dialogue between staff and management. It could be that they don’t realise there are improvements that could be made to benefit the comfort and efficiency of their workforce; businesses want their staff to succeed as much as staff want to feel comfortable at work.


Ergonomic additions

There are a lot of simple ergonomic additions that you can make whether you’re on your feet all day, or sat at a desk. For example, having well-made and durable footwear is a great first step, but you can take it further by placing some ergonomic gel insoles in your shoes. It might sound a little odd, but you’ll certainly feel the difference as you come to the end of a long shift.

Sitting at a desk and typing for long periods can increase the risk of repetitive strain injury, so an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can help minimise and potential for injury over time. Similarly, an ergonomic desk chair can help properly support your spine instead of leaving you hunched over at at risk of back injuries.

You should take it a little further than that still. Though not an addition of equipment as such, you need to be aware of your eye health when staring at a computer screen all day. Don’t just let yourself stay at a desk nonstop, with your only break being for lunch. Doing so can massively increase the risk of eye damage over long periods of time, and lead to painful headaches or migraines in the short term. Make sure you avoid this by taking short breaks of five to ten minutes away from the screen every so often.


Touches of personality around you

While true that a lot of the elements of keeping comfortable at work are physical changes, you should also be thinking about feeling comfortable as a part of a brand identity, feeling like you’re an individual who is a part of a team of like-minded individuals. Especially when a significant portion of the week is spent at work.

With that said, you should try and bring some element of individuality into your work space. Small additions here and there can help keep you motivated by making your office feel less dull. They don’t even have to be significant additions. It can be as simple as keeping a potted plant on the side, putting up a small poster on your office or cubicle wall, or keeping a handful of books in a drawer for your downtime.


Whichever changes you do decide to make, you’re sure to find yourself more comfortable and ready to take on anything at work, even things that the most difficult shift can throw at you.

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by and in collaboration with Simon Jersey.

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