How To Travel As A Digital Nomad Like A Boss

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We’re living in a pretty magical time for travelling. If you wanted to go on adventures in the past, you’d have to just wave goodbye to your family, board a ship, and hope it all worked out for the best. Today, we can zip around the world, stay in touch with loved ones, and even make a living. We can get a visa, and work locally, or go down the digital nomad route. If you get a job that’s based online (and there are a lot of online jobs) then you can make the world your home. You can go anywhere with an internet connection! Below, we take a look at a few useful tips for owning this lifestyle like a boss.


Get That Work

First thing’s first: you’ll need to find a job. There has been a big increase in internet-based work in recent times, especially in the field of software development, though you can also look at writing, graphic design, and video work. You’ll want to have a reasonably reliable income stream before boarding the plane, so give yourself a few months to slowly build your income first.


Change Your Mindset

Working from wherever you happen to be is a lot different from working in the same old office everyday. It’s exciting! It’s also a little more unpredictable, especially when you’re in a country that you’ve never been to before. If you’re going to jump into the digital nomad lifestyle, then you’ll need to prepare to find yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time. The benefits will greatly outweigh the cons, however!


Where To Go?

Now the exciting part: where are you going to go? There are fantastic destinations in all corners of the globe. The only thing you really need is a reliable internet connection, so it’s best to check that the infrastructure is there before you settle on a place. We tend to think of the whole world as being connected to the internet, but that’s not really the case — most of the world isn’t. There are also some spots that are better suited to the digital nomad lifestyle, due to ease of getting visas, the cost, lifestyle, and so on. Do your research beforehand!


Set up a Base

It is possible to jump from one place to the next, and to forever be on the move, but this isn’t recommended. It might sound enjoyable to always be on the move, but it gets pretty old. To make this a sustainable lifestyle, it’s better to have a base. When you don’t feel like being in solid travelling mode, you’ll be able to retreat to your property until you’re ready to go again. A good idea is to set up a base that’s conveniently located for visiting other places. If you have a West Jakarta apartment, for example, you’ll have a host of other countries just one short, cheap flight away. When you’re not there, you’ll be able to rent out the property — perhaps even to other digital nomads.


Meeting People

One thing that holds many people back from becoming a digital nomad is the fear that they’ll just be out there in the world, thousands of miles away from home, without any friends. It’s a fair concern, but one that everyone has at some point – and it never turns out that way. If you put yourself in the right environments, you’ll find that you meet plenty of people. Good places to start are coworking spaces. You’ll have instant access to dozens of other people just like you!


Disciplined Worker

One potential problem you may experience is that, well, it’s hard to do work when everything around you is new and exciting. If you’re going to have this lifestyle for the long-term, then you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping your work standards high. Find a routine that works for you, and stick to it. You’re not on a permanent holiday here; there’s work to be done! Similarly, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re looking after yourself. When you’re overseas, it’s tempting to eat whatever food comes your way, you can stay up late, all-around have an unhealthy lifestyle. You’ll find that it’s much better in the long-term if you eat well, visit the gym, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and so on. Follow the same rules that you’d follow at home, basically.


And that’s it. All that’s left to do is to count your lucky stars that this option is available to you!


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