How To Pull Off Quick Wedding Plans

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Collaborative post. So, you just got engaged!  Congratulations!  Now, the fun part: wedding planning.  But, what happens if you have a very limited time to put together the wedding of your dreams?  For many possible circumstances, you either don’t want to wait a long time to say, “I do”, or your current situation is forcing you to move quicker than normal.

The good news is that it most definitely can be done.  It is just going to take some urgency, but calmness on your part.  Easier said than done, right?  And this might even include getting into your ideal shape. Let’s take a look at some steps that you can take to get ready for that quick wedding and still make it look as special as you will on that day.

For the sake of having a timeline as an estimate here, we will be projecting a six-month preparation time for your big day.



Before doing absolutely anything, you need to figure out your budget and figure it out now. There is no time to wonder if you’ll have extra money coming in; you need to nail this down immediately.  The number that you set can put the wheels in motion as to what you can and cannot do for your big day.

Once you have as close to a budget set in stone, write down the “must haves” and the “wants” for your wedding.  You will obviously go through your “must haves” first and see if your budget is sufficient enough to cover that, and if so, you can then look at your “wants” list with the money that you have left over.


Wedding Gown

If you plan on going with the traditional type of wedding dress, you will need to act fast.  Many bridal boutiques require up to a year in advance of preparing the wedding dress.  Six months could be a bit of a challenge, but it is most likely doable, with an additional fee.  You may not be able to be as picky to get the perfect dress as you would if you had ample time to prepare.


Wedding Date, Entertainment, and Invitations

Locking down the wedding date may even happen before going gown shopping.  Finding a date that works for you can then allow you to choose the venue that you want to host the wedding at.  Planning a wedding in such a quick amount of time may require you to expand your dream date possibilities.  It will also require you to speed up your entertainment options as people will be booked up if you wait too long.  And you can’t forget about a quality photographer!

There is a good chance that the perfect Saturday date you wanted will be taken up already.  You may have to settle on a Friday night or Sunday.  Both are still good options but could be problematic if you have a large guest list coming from far away.

Seeing how this is a quickly planned wedding, there is a good chance you will keep a smaller guest list than normal.  You will need to decide on a max number, so you can book your venue to accommodate the number of your guests.  And, you know your guests will want to eat, so choosing a caterer or some other food decisions will be needed to be decided here as well.

Once the date and venue have been selected, you will want to get right on the invitations.  You could do a lot of online research to put together the ideal wedding invitation at places like wedding invitations from Pure Invitation.  This can help to speed up the process by having an idea in mind of what you are looking for.  Many people are also taking advantage of sending out “Save the Dates” through online videos.  This will be a time and money saver!


Rings, Registry, and Dresses… Oh Yeah, Tuxes, Too

You and your partner will need to begin deciding on a theme for the wedding so that you can pair up dresses and tuxes/suits to the theme.  Bridesmaids and grooms will need to get fitted, so you will want to give them ample time to get that taken care of.  This should be the next step in your process.

Then, how can you forget the beautiful rings?  You will want to go together and decide on the perfect rings to symbolize your lasting love.  You will need to get them fitted and prepared in time for your special day.

While you are in the fun stages of buying things, this would also be a good time to set your registry up.  Make a list of things you need (many online sources are available to help with this) and then go online to set up the accounts.  You will want to get this set up and organized as soon as possible out of respect to your guests.  Since they will not be given a ton of notice for the wedding, have all your ducks in a row for them so they can easily take care of whatever they need to do.


Couple of Months Left…

Take a big sigh of relief.  The major wedding decisions have been made and booked at this point.  Around this time, you should be tracking down any guests who haven’t responded to your wedding as well as:

This may seem like a lot and very overwhelming, but once you nail down your budget and take care of a few of the “bigger” items first, you will be in good shape.  There is also a very good chance that since you are planning a wedding so quickly that you will be able to exclude many of the items listed above.  And there are hundreds of last minute wedding checklists available for you to check, check again, and check some more!

Just remember, it is your day forever.  Only your opinions should matter.


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