How to Know if a Website for Dating is the Best

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Dating – now that’s a word you don’t really want to spend too much time on thinking. After all, it’s a complicated thing to think about; it’s something that involves too much drama and tears. I’m pretty sure that many of you just think that dating issues are all child’s play. You’re probably all like “It’s 2019, dating doesn’t even mean the same thing anymore.” Well, there is some truth to that.

Indeed, the concept of “being in a relationship” has drastically changed in recent years (check the changes here through the years). Before, there were simply “single” and “taken” people. Now, there are people who are in open relationships, FWB (Friends With Benefits) agreements, and NSA (No Strings Attached) partnerships. People are starting to feel that love isn’t worth it anymore. They’d rather experience the sensation of love without having to worry about the consequences of it.

People fall in love with the idea that there are others who will always be there for them but won’t restrain them with unnecessary rules of commitment and effort. In other words, dating has become more of a chore – a way to satisfy one’s need for someone to spend the night with – and not something two people who mutually care for each other do. I don’t know if you agree with this kind of dating climate but I, for one, feel that this is just our way of denying things that truly matter just because we’re afraid of facing our own vulnerabilities. True enough, love comes with a lot of pain. It comes with confusion and drama and makes people do all sorts of crazy things. People in love also have to deal with negative emotions like resentment and jealousy. I guess the more we find ourselves in love, the more we become selfish creatures. And I can understand why some people would rather keep out of it. They don’t like seeing the worst of themselves and they certainly do not want to end up with the short end of the stick.

However, where there is pain, there is also beauty – don’t you agree? Spring is only as beautiful and vibrant as the cold and harsh winter that came before it. In the same way, the sunrise is only as hopeful and inspiring as the dark, silent night that enveloped the earth before it. Where there is darkness, there is light. Where there is pain, there is love. Even if the idea of getting into a steady relationship seems a little bleak in 2019, I know that deep inside people’s hearts they are still longing for a real connection with others. Sometimes, society just makes it hard for you to admit that to yourself. After all, you can protect yourself from bitter feelings if you deny the existence of such feelings in the first place. But true happiness can never be found in booty calls and casual sex. What you need is a real relationship and a real person to date. But that’s easier said than done, I know.

Luckily, however, love is not dead. And you’d surprised with the overwhelming number of people who think that true love is still worth the risk. You just can’t live the rest of your life relying on booty calls to satisfy your hunger for a real connection, after all. You have to meet people, get hurt in the process, and genuinely offer your heart when you believe a certain chance is worth the risk. If you are ready to gamble on love and seize what this world has to offer, then maybe it’s time you let opportunity come to you. Mark yourself available and get grooving in all the dating websites out there. Trust me; you have a better chance at finding love when you thrust yourself out in a world of opportunities.

But of course, you have to make sure that the dating website you use goes in line with what you’re trying to achieve. For all you know, you might end up joining just another hook-up site. Anyway, here are a couple things that would tell you that a dating website is one of the best:


1. It’s Got Good Following

It is not uncommon for dating websites to have fake profiles. It’s as if one moment you think you’re falling in love and the next thing you know, that love is nothing but a chat operator telling you what you want to hear and whispering sweet nothings to your ear. But that’s just it. It’s sweet “nothings” literally because the person on the profile doesn’t even exist. This can be a fatal blow for anyone who summoned what little courage he or she has left just to believe in love again.

One thing you can do to make sure that a dating website is the best is to see whether it has good following. It’s got good traffic, constantly mentioned in social media websites, and you personally know people who get on them. You can also check out great recommendations here:


2. It Values Your Privacy

I think that when you go into a dating website, you would want to remain anonymous at first – as most people do in this type of website. The last thing you would want is for your anonymous profile to become publicly available for everyone to see, right? After all, not everyone appreciates the idea of going online to find love. Look for a dating website or app that will value your privacy as much as you do. This will also help ensure personal security. You really don’t want to be stalked; it’s far from flattering and mostly creepy. Information such as your address, birthday, and complete name should be securely hidden from prying eyes if that is what you prefer.


3. It’s Not Asking You To Pay Up

While some sites have subscription fees, they will still be pretty minimal and reasonable. Most dating apps earn through advertisements and they will not be taking anything from their users. You can go premium and pay for that but generally speaking, dating online should be free of charge.

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