How To Handle Valentines Day In A New Relationship

Relationships are tricky anyway, but when you’ve just started dating someone, Valentines Day can feel awkward. Whether you’ve been on one date or been dating for a little while, such as a few weeks, the holiday approaching can understandably make you feel anxious. You may not be sure how to approach it, or whether to even bother celebrating the day dedicated to love and relationships. Communication is important, especially in a new relationship, as this will help in working out what you are both most comfortable with.

Just talk about it beforehand

Get the question out of the way, if you can, by asking the person you’re dating. Find out whether or not they like celebrating the day themselves. If you’re a fan of Valentines Day yourself, it’s best to let them know that you like to celebrate it. Approach the subject by discussing how you’ve only been dating for a short time, be honest with your opinions, keep the conversation light and focus on compromising if you do have differing opinions. You will probably be surprised with how straight forward it is to have the conversation.


If you’re not exclusive, avoid or ignore the day

Many people have a view where they despise the day, and purely think of it as “Hallmark Day” or a marketing tactic by brands. If you or your date have this view and don’t want to celebrate the day in any way, a good option may be to “skip it” and completely ignore Valentines Day altogether. You could just have a normal night in, but make an effort to spend time together and watch a movie or order takeout.


If you are exclusive, ditch the gifts and go on a date night

As a couple, you may decide that you don’t want to bother with the cheesy cards and gift giving. If this is the case, you could go on a date night or take part in some other fun activity which you both enjoy. This could be anything from going to the cinema, bowling, attending a local gig or going for a lovely dinner together. You should definitely check out my post on Alternative Date Night Ideas for some suggestions. The options are endless and this way you can decide to do something which you both have an interest in.


If you do decide to exchange gifts, you could set a budget which you are both happy with and agree to both stick to the budget. This helps to avoid an awkward situations which could arise. Or if you’re single, the day of love can be daunting for some. There are a variety of dating websites online, where you can search for dates in a specific location e.g. North Yorkshire dating site, Berkshire singles, Isle of Man singles or single women in Borders. You may be looking for something more adult specific, such as  naughty dating

Do you like Valentines Day? Do you celebrate or do you do everything in your power to avoid the holiday? Let me know in the comments.

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