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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. One of the most important things to consider when decorating the interior of a building is its painting. The painting of the interior determines much of every other interior decoration factor. It sets the tone for the entire decoration concept.

Yes, it has to do with colours and if you did not know this before now, you should know that colour is so powerful that it can set the mood of both a space and the occupants of that space. For this reason, the choice of colours and the way they are arranged is as important (if not more so) than the technique and expertise employed in the actual application of the paint. To learn more about the psychology of colours, read this article here.

These are some of the things professional painters consider when handling an interior painting job.


Getting Started

Laying Out the Plan

The first thing a painter will do is evaluate the entire space to be painted. When the space has been properly evaluated, a painting plan can then be formulated based on whatever the client wants. This plan will usually involve stuff like patterns, types and colors of paint to be used for each section and any other arrangements required.


Choosing Colors

Like we stated earlier, the choice of colors to be used is one of the most important aspects of the painting process. If you read the article linked above, you will find some psychological effects of colors. While these should influence your choice of colors, a painter will also consider some other actors when choosing or suggesting colours. One thing that will be considered is how well lit a space is. Dark colours work well in spaces with good natural light coming in from well positioned windows. Light colours on the other hand will do well in most parts, well lit or not. Another thing that will be considered is the type of paint to be used in the space. Oil or glossy paints will work well in areas like the kitchen where there will be a lot of steam and possibly stains. Stains can easily be cleaned off gloss paints. On the other hand, emulsion or flat paints will work well in other spaces because they can hide stains well (depending on the colour), though they are not as easy to wash as the glossy paints.


Creating a Budget

Having checked through the layout, decided on a painting plan, choice of paint and colors and possibly amount of prepping and priming required, the painter can then present you with an estimate for the project.



Once the painting proper is set to start, the painter doesn’t just begin to paint. While there can be different ways to go about the painting process as we can see in this article:, there are important steps that every painter must at least take.



A whole lot of activities come under this stage. It begins with preparing the location or space. Furniture has to be moved and the floor covered and properly proofed against paint stains. Once this is done, any scrapping of lose or wet surfaces can begin to properly prepare the surfaces for painting. The painter will then likely prime the surfaces prior to painting. There are a number of other little things that will be taken care of to ensure the painting comes of nicely. These include, taping off certain areas, especially when different colours will be painted and for easy painting of trims. These and more are some of the ways a house painter will go through the process of painting a house.


Choosing a Painter

To get the best interior painting job, you should go for a professional house painter. All the steps listed above and those not listed will be easily taken care of by a professional. To ensure you get a painter who can really get the job done, there are three very important things to consider. These are referrals, reviews and location.



Ask for referrals from people around you. If you can get a referral from someone who has used a painter before and was satisfied with their work, you can cut your search time by half or more.



Very importantly, you should look for companies within your location. If you live in Boulder, don’t go look elsewhere, there are painters in Boulder CO who can help you with your painting needs. Considering local services makes it easy for you to get referrals and to also check them out. Also, it can also be more affordable than hiring someone outside your city.



Another thing you should look for are reviews. What are people saying about the painter or painting company? Rely on Google+ and other independent review sites for this.

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