Hosting Your Own Summer Garden Party

Although the weather here in the UK is never the greatest, we have had some fairly hot days recently. When the weather is nice, you may want to host your own Summer Garden Party for family and friends. Even a spontaneous last minute summery garden party can be successful and fun. Nowadays it is easy to stay indoors on your iPad, so it is important that we try to spend more time outdoors this summer.Summer-drinks

Your garden – Always have a Plan B

Before planning your actual garden party, consider the state of your outdoor areas. It needs to be in a decent condition, you want it to be as beautiful as possible. As mentioned previously in this post, the weather is unpredictable in the UK so it always great to have another option. You could look into getting a summer house or garden shed from somewhere such as Lidget Compton. Outdoor buildings are also great for hosting guests when you do have a party, if you don’t have enough room for them to stay in your home.



The theme of your party

Will you host a BBQ with food and drinks for friends or family, or will it be a garden tea party with the girls? Once you have your theme, it easier to plan and prepare the rest of your party. As an alternative to a BBQ, you could get a pizza oven and have a pizza party.


The drinks

Providing refreshing drinks is an important part of any garden party. Pimms or getting your guests to create their own cocktails can be a great activity. Prepare fresh fruit and try to ensure you have a non-alcoholic option for those who are driving.



You don’t have to plan to have decorations, but sometimes it can be a good idea especially if you have a theme for your summer garden party. Think about whether your party will be at day or night. If its taking place in the evening or at night, it could be a good idea to put up some fairy lights or place some solar powered garden lights around the garden area.


What would the theme of your summer garden party be?



Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Lidget Compton.

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