Hidden Gems & Popular Landmarks Everyone Should Visit

Many people are looking at planning their holidays, trips and short breaks now that summer is approaching. Unbeknown to some, many destinations have wonderful hidden gems and secret places to visit, away from the bustling cities and the tourist crowds. From deceptive caves, hidden coves to an exclusive, secluded island, I’ve compiled these suggestions of the sides of Thailand many travellers may not usually see.



Escape the crowds and tourism hot spots, by visiting some of Thailand’s hidden gems. You can easily find your holiday to Thailand and plan your trip by researching online. Thailand has a multitude of hidden gems, which most people won’t necessarily know about unless advised/by doing some research. Thailand offers friendly hospitality and a rich culture to explore throughout the country.


Koh Panak

With its own secrets, this secret island offers hidden caves and secluded beaches which can only be accessed by exploring and climbing. This is why Koh Panak is the perfect place for those travellers who have a sense of adventure.


Laem Singh Beach – Phuket

A beautiful 150 metre beach which is hidden in a quiet, hidden bay. It’s surrounded by palm trees and has a really laid back atmosphere, with a lot of diving and snorkelling activities.


Koh Yao Noi

This is Thailand’s secret luxury island, which is located just a 30 minute boat ride from Phuket. This hidden gem will give you an exclusive experience within Thailand and you will avoid the crowds. With a natural charm and blissful atmosphere, you can relax in an unspoiled paradise.


Chiang Rai

Some may argue this is an underrated option, but visiting the White Temple (Wat Phra Kaew) is apparently a must-do while you’re discovering Thailand. Exploring the Saturday Night Market is a brilliant activity, by enjoying all the local artists stalls and snacking your way along the street.


Have you visited any of the locations in Thailand listed above? Alternatively, are there any destinations you are eager to visit? Let me know in the comments.

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