Gotta Get It Outta My Hair: Issues, Options, and Hair Removal

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The hair is colloquially known as the “crowning glory” of the human body. Aside from the fact that most of it sits on top of our head, it is also one our most recognizable body parts. However, it is not just a part of person’s beauty statement. In fact, the hair with the skin forms a protective barrier around the body. In the ancient times, it protected the human body when clothing was not considered important. As humanity progressed, it turned into a part of a person’s status in the society. Now, hair is incorporated into the fashion industry with new hairstyles for men and women sprouting everywhere. The beard culture is also especially rampant in men’s fashion, as the facial hair adds to the look and feel of the man. Hair colour is also more vibrant, with variations of “unnatural” colours like green and blue being on the rage. It is such an important part of the body in more ways than one.


Sadly, not all of us are blessed with great hair. It all comes down to genetics and heredity (Read more: Basically, if your parents or even ancestors had hair problems, it is highly probable that you would have them as well. It has been this way for many generations, with men and women suffering from hair problems like baldness and receding hairlines. There is totally nothing that doctors could do back then. Usually, these people would just ignore it and accept that it is a part of life. However, in this day and age when fashion and appearance contributes to self-esteem, it can affect them psychologically as well. People suffering from these conditions especially in an early age can become victims of bullying. It is not their fault that they are being bullied: on the other hand, there is something wrong with the people doing it. However, if you ask them if can do something about it, they would do it in a heartbeat. Fortunately, there can be solutions for this. In this modern era, research about these conditions has been done extensively.


Before we can present these methods, it is important to go to a physician first especially ones with expertise on these kinds of problems. Diagnosing the condition can help in determining the best treatment possible. For example, drugs can induce balding as well as other diseases. In these cases, removing the drug (with doctor’s permission) and treating the condition can solve the problem. Stress can also contribute to hair loss. Many reports on premature balding are actually linked to too much life or career stress. Learn more about the effects of stress by clicking here.


Here are some ways you can combat hair loss:


Natural Ways

Believe it or not, certain plants can actually help in keeping your hair healthy. Aloe vera is a common example. Aside from its reported wonders for the skin, it has properties which may help in regrowing and revitalizing hair. Know more about aloe vera by clicking this link: Other options like ginseng and rosemary were also said to be of great help. However, for more severe conditions, it might be best to consult a doctor first.


Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs

There are certain options from the pharmacy that you can try. Minoxidil is and over the counter drug which can help for your hair loss. Usually in liquid form, it can be rubbed in the scalp for application of treatment. Be warned, however, that there can be side effects rapid heartbeat and initial irritation. Long term application is also needed as it requires a lot of time before it can take effect. Other options can be taken orally like finasteride. This needs a doctor’s prescription before it can be acquired from your local pharmacy.



These are options that you can take for severe cases. Laser treatment is getting more popular these days, and it is such a reliable option. Hair replacement is becoming a thing of the now, and more people are interested in this option. On the flipside, permanent hair removal can also be done. It has always been a trend that certain body parts need to be hairless for fashion and sanitary purposes. People with excessive body hair can also take this route. Sites like offers options for you take if you have issues.


The hair is indeed the crowning glory, but our self-worth does not only rely on it. We must believe in ourselves and that is best way to being beautiful. However, it is not to be ashamed of to admit that we might need a little help. Science has given us options to combat any hair-loss and we should take advantage of that.


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