Finding The Best Glasses For You

Glasses might be a medical necessity but they are also a great way to express your personal style. There are so many frames and colours to choose from that you can even choose different glasses for different occasions. In fact, it’s a good idea to have a few pairs handy so that you can change your look.


If you have an idea of what you like, there are lots of choices online and you can even use one site to virtually try on glasses to see which shapes are likely to suit you. This is a great way to see what is likely to suit without having to try on lots of pairs in the shop.


Which Glasses will Suit My Face Best?

Finding the shape to suit your face can be tough and as there are so many frames and variations you should really try on a few types to see what fits. However, there are a few rules that might help you figure out what is best.

Oval faces are easiest to manage as they will suit most shapes but others might find it a little more difficult. The key is to exaggerate your best features using the frames and often this means finding a balance. So, if you have a round face, rectangular glasses are probably going to work best and round glasses will suit those with a square shaped face best.


Take a Hint from Celebrities

If you want a lesson in iconic glasses, celebrities certainly know their stuff. From John Lennon’s tiny circular glasses to the fabulous sunglasses Meryl Streep wears in the Devil Wears Prada, some glasses stay on the map for years to come. And, if you are feeling bold with your decisions, you can do something similar.

The key to finding the perfect glasses is to figure out which shape suits your face best and then adding a small detail or exaggeration to make your glasses really pop. These frames might not be for everyday wear, but it is always fun to have some special glasses for going out.


Toning it Down for Work

When you are at work, you need to show off your professional side and so finding the right frames can make a real difference. A classic shape such as a rectangular or oval frame is usually best for this and choosing a neutral tone is for the best too. Black can look quite severe, though so you might like to choose a navy or even a wire frame if you still need to look approachable.

If you are in a more creative role, you might have a little more flexibility to express your personality but you should still stay on the conservative side. Try going for a slightly brighter colour or you could try going for bigger frames to exaggerate your features.


Having a few different frames for different occasions is a great idea as that will allow you to mix and match as your wardrobe dictates. Have fun choosing!  


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative blog post.

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